Fort Lauderdale is one of the oldest cities in Broward County and in all of South Florida. Many of the homes and businesses in the city were built before 1980 and have aging internal plumbing fixtures and original piping systems.  This can be a frequent cause of water damage in Fort Lauderdale.  Additionally, the entire South Florida region is subjected to major storms including hurricanes which can result in flood damage and other types of water damage in Fort Lauderdale.  If water damage should occur in your home or business property it is critical that you remain calm but act quickly because the faster water is removed the easier it is to mitigate long term consequences and damages.  If the water damage is anything other than a minor spill, a professional water damage remediation professional should be consulted.  Most types of water damage are covered by homeowners insurance.

Water Damage in Fort Lauderdale Caused By Mother Nature

Storms including hurricanes and result in several types of water damage.  If your home or business does not have window and door protection it is possible that they could be blown in from flying debris during high winds.  If the winds are accompanied by heavy rain the entire interior and contents of your building could be damaged by the rain water that is blown in.  Worse yet; if the storm creates flooding conditions then your home could be invaded by flood waters that will require commercial grade pumps to quickly remove the standing water and commercial heat fans to dry the premises after the standing water is removed.  In this type of situation it is likely that your personal items and furniture could be damaged as well.  These situations will require a professional water removal company that has the proper equipment to remove the water and mitigate the damage as much as possible.

Water Damage caused by Broken Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

Water damage that is caused by internal breaks in plumbing or faulty fixtures such as faucets is usually covered by insurance.  It is critical that you immediately shut the water main that brings water into your building upon discovering a burst or leaky pipe.   Depending on the extent of the damage or pooled water, you may be able to clean and dry the area yourself, but it is recommended that you consult with a professional water removal and water damage repair professional for anything other than a minor spill.  Mold and mildew can begin to form in as few as 48 hours after the water damage occurs, so it is critical that the affected area is thoroughly and completely dried and treated with anti-mildew agents to prevent more severe damage.

Fast Action is the most Critical Component

The most important thing to remember when you are dealing with water damage in Fort Lauderdale is that time is a critical factor and the quicker you act the less severe the damage will be. If a flooded area is quickly pumped and thoroughly dried and treated to eliminate the growth of mold, the damages can be contained and minimized. If you would like additional information or advice on how to deal with water damage in Fort Lauderdale, you are invited to contact a professional water damage technician at Certified Priority Restoration.  They can be reached at (954) 874-8016 or online at .

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