A humidistat uses a hygrometer to measure the relative moisture in the air so that it can control the humidifier in your home or office. However, if there is an unusually high amount of moisture in the air that does not appear to be related to weather conditions, it may be a sign that there is some kind of water damage.

Why You Should Not Ignore Water Damage

Water damage is not something you can ignore without consequences. When there are damp areas in your home or office, then humid conditions may cause mold in hidden areas. Mold is a toxic microbe that tends to multiply, forming colonies in damp building materials. Stagnant water will damage your home or office and eventually you will have to pay for costly restoration.

Water Removal Experts

Water removal should be left to bonded and insured professionals; it is not something that you can do reasonably well yourself even if you have many years of experience at home repair.

There are several reasons why this type of work is best left to a professional company:

1. The work will get done quickly, often beginning within the hour after you make the call.

2. The work is done by a team who know exactly what they are doing. They will be able to quickly identify damaged building materials and dry those that can be salvaged.

3. This team will use state-of-the-art equipment to do their work quickly and efficiently. Water in carpets, for instance, can be power vacuumed until the carpets are completely dry.

4. If mold or mildew is found, a professional restoration service will first send samples to their laboratories to analyze what type of bacteria or fungus they are dealing with since there are many varieties. This knowledge is essential to know what disinfectants to use and which deodorants work best. Additionally, hidden infected areas will be exposed and cleaned out. This entire sanitation process is done in a careful way to avoid spreading the infected colonies to other parts of the building.

5. When walls need to be dried out after a storm, there is the possibility of electrical problems. Electrical receptors, outlets, or wiring need to be carefully dried to prevent fire damage. Additionally, if any electrical devices are in contact with water, there is the risk of electrocution.

CPR Water Damage Restoration Services

Certified Priority Restoration is a water damage restoration company that will quickly get the job done, responding with a team at your door within a half hour. They can work directly with your insurance company to cover the costs so that water damage restoration work may not cost you anything. Why risk your health by living or working in an unhealthy environment where water damage may have caused fungal or microbial colonies or compromised your electrical systems. If you are interested in learning more about the effects of water and moisture on your home or business property, or how to remove water and dry out a flooded building, you are invited to contact Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 in Palm Beach County or 954-874-8016 in Broward County.

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