Water Restoration in Fort Lauderdale

If you need water restoration in Fort Lauderdale for your property or business that has been damaged by rains, floods or broken water or sewer pipes, prompt water extraction can prevent further damage. The key is PROMPT extraction! The go-to company is Certified Priority Restoration (CPR). If you leave water or sewer cleanup for later, the damage can become catastrophic. Our specially trained, certified, bonded and insured technicians will promptly treat all water damage, via our specialized water extraction equipment to restore your home or business back to pre flood condition.  Hopefully, you will never need us, but if you do, you can call 24/7 to Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016.

If You Need Us We Are There

At CPR water restoration is our specialty, we excel in all types of water damage services: water extraction and removal from floods or just a burst pipe, standing water cleanup and removal, water damage repair and restoration and sewer cleanup as well as mold removal and sanitization. We have been doing this for over 35 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. At the first sign of water leaks, damage or broken pipes; Call Certified Priority Restoration!

Water Damage

The Mole Hill vs. the Mountain

As with any disaster, promptly addressing the issue can end up saving you thousands of dollars! Drywall repair is cheap and easy, but ignoring the urgency of the situation can lead to costly and time consuming mold removal. Address the mole hill before it becomes a mountain! Health concerns are paramount! Your family or your employees need a safe, clean atmosphere in which to live or work. Flood waters are dirty and need to be extracted quickly and efficiently. Sewer pipe spills are even more worrisome. All kinds of bad bacteria and spoors can be released into the enclosed areas. Don’t wait; call us at CPR for free no obligation estimates any time, day or night! Our goal is to restore your property back to its’ normal condition. Clean smelling, clean looking and clean feeling!

Why Certified Priority Restoration?

Do your homework now! Tropical storms can bring water surges into our area. Unfortunately it is not a matter of “if,” it often times becomes a matter of “when.” Don’t be overwhelmed by the damage you see. Be prepared to hire the best water removal/extraction and water damage restoration company in the Fort Lauderdale area: Certified Priority Restoration (954) 874-8016. We know how stressful these situations are, and our team is ready to help you extract water and remove all damaged items and/or repair water damages in your home or business. Don’t delay when disaster strikes! Call Certified Priority Restoration for water restoration in Fort Lauderdale at (954) 874-8016¬†anytime, day or night, to help you with any and all water damage your home or business may sustain.