Water Restoration in Davie

When it comes to water restoration in Davie the residents, know that for relief from water damage, they can turn to the professionals at Certified Priority Restoration. Water damage restoration should be left to our professionals at Certified Priority Restoration. We are and have been for years the local, experienced premier complete water services company serving the residents of Davie. Our technicians are certified, some with as many 30 years in the water damage services business. They are  trained to use CPR’s sate of the art equipment as well as the latest technology available for water restoration work, including but not limited to water extraction, water cleanup, sewage cleanup, water damage repairs and restoration as well as mold eradication and removal.  No matter what sort of water restoration service you require the only call to make immediately is to Certified Priority Restoration for the services of a licensed and insured contractor, Certified Priority Restoration. Call Now 954-874-8016.

Water Damage

Full Service Water Restoration

When you call us at Certified Priority Restoration, you will be talking to a representative that is well versed in water damage restoration. Our phones are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your situation is immediately assessed and if an emergency you will have our certified technicians on site within 30 minutes with a fully equipped truck of state of the art equipment and technology for any immediate action required. We are licensed, insured and have the tools and experience needed to assess and remove water intrusion caused by nature or just a busted pipe or overflowing toilet. Once the removal of water is completed we will be able to dry out your home, but first,  using our technologically advanced  infrared camera equipment locate and remove any hidden areas of moisture, then dry out your home or business with our industrial drying equipment  in order to prevent the growth of mold and  mildew. That is why you want the professionals from CPR now!

True Urgency to Save Home’s Contents!

People that are dealing with water damage restoration should realize that this is a call to action emergency, for  your treasured possessions, furniture, flooring,  carpeting and wall coverings because the longer you wait to do water extraction and water cleanup, the greater the resulting damage and the more likelihood of mold and mildew growth. No matter what kind of water problems you’re dealing with, call us at CPR immediately!

The 1st Call for Water Restoration in Davie

In Davie, we are the go to water restoration Services Company for immediate and complete water removal, water cleanup, and sewage cleanup, dry out, followed by water damage repair and restoration as well as mold removal. We are recognized by the residents of Davie and our peers, as the best at what we do, and that means for water damage restoration call Certified Priority Restoration 1st, at 954-874-8016, so you don’t have to call us 2nd.