Water Removal Wellington

Hire Emergency Water Removal in Wellington

If you have dirty water from broken water pipes, hurricanes and floods, it requires quick and professional removal to avoid the growth of mold and mildew . When a water pipe bursts in a building, the moisture begins to collect on floors and drywall seeping through to insulation. Home and business owners need to contact Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 for professional water removal in Wellington.

Mold spores on various surfaces in a building such as walls, carpeting and ceilings are waiting for moisture to begin growing. Within only a single day, mold colonies begin to develop on a building’s walls, floors and ceilings. You might begin to notice fuzzy black, yellow or green spots on ceilings and walls. Mold growth in a building is dangerous for people; particularly those individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Efficient Sewage Cleanup after Floods

During a flood, sewage can enter a building covering surfaces with fecal matter and urine that carries potentially dangerous and unhealthy pathogens. In addition, a building can lose electric and gas power leading to dark, hot and humid environments that are perfect for mold growth. The longer the sewage filled water stands in a building, the more likely pathogens will seep into walls and flooring. After high waters recede, a flood damage team is vital for emergency water removal and cleanup. Working in a water soaked building is strenuous work requiring specialized equipment. Untrained individuals who attempt to enter a building damaged by water risk electrocution and falls. The Certified Priority Restoration team understands how to work safely in a building to prevent injuries, and we use EPA approved cleaners and sanitizers to rid the premises of bacteria.

Immediate Air Circulation to Prevent Dangerous Mold Growth

Certified Priority Restoration follows the specific water damage repair guidelines suggested by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification organization. Our professional restoration teams trained to use this organization’s methods will understand safety code requirements for various cities located in Florida. A primary goal of CPR is restoring a building to its original condition. We use high powered commercial fans and dehumidifiers to get the interior and contents to its original clean and dry condition.

CPR – Round-The-Clock Professional Service

In addition to assisting in the drying process, air dryer systems help to remove spores that lead to growth of musty smelling mold. Fast removal of mold is necessary to meet high government standards for healthy air quality in buildings. Certified Priority Restoration has been in business in the Palm Beach County and Broward, Fla., area for over 35 years. Our knowledgeable restoration team arrives in 30 minutes or less to begin water damage repair. After arriving at a flooded building, the Certified Priority Restoration water cleanup team will make a plan that is appropriate for the situation. The technicians are trained for water damage restoration after hurricanes, flooding and water pipe breakage. Contact Certified Priority Restoration now at 561-847-3495 for round-the-clock emergency water removal in Wellington.