Water Removal Riviera Beach

Years of Water Removal in Riviera Beach


Certified Priority Restoration has been helping Riviera Beach homeowners and commercial property managers for years to deal with flooding from rain, hurricane, sewer leaks, and pipe leaks. Able to respond in 30 minutes, our technicians are your defense against the water damage that starts the minute that the water overflows. If your Riviera Beach home or business experiences flooding or water damage, don’t wait. Call 561-847-3495 for immediate help.

Water Extraction

The first step to restoration is water extraction. Every drop must be removed to avoid ongoing damage. Much of the water’s potential for damage remains unseen, hidden under floors and behind walls. Certified Priority Restoration makes it a priority to find and eliminate water from every nook and cranny. Sophisticated equipment removes standing water, dries wet materials and hunts for hidden moisture. With vigilance, persistence and speed, CPR can stop water damage from spreading.

Sewage Cleanup

In many cases, flooding becomes contaminated by sewer waste. When this happens, time is of the essence. Each moment that the filthy water sits is another moment for dangerous bacteria to spread. Certified Priority Restoration maintains the tools and equipment to deal with water removal including but not limited to complete sewage cleanup. CPR’s crew of experienced technicians is well aware of the hazards caused by sewer seepage, and they are prepared to deal with it quickly.

Damage Repair

After water removal in Riviera Beach, the next step may be mold removal. Exposure to mold can be hazardous to human health, and removal must be done completely to ensure that the home or business is safe to inhabit. Water damage restoration can start as soon as the area is moisture-free. Our certified technicians are well-trained to deal with the issues caused by water in drywall, flooring, and other parts of a business or home.

Why CPR for Removal in Rivera Beach?

Licensed, insured and bonded, Certified Priority Restoration guarantees 100 % satisfaction. We work with your insurance company to eliminate paperwork hassles for you. We follow the guidelines of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. When called, we respond to your home or commercial building in 30 minutes. Our technicians are always trained and certified, and the equipment they use is always state-of-the-art and the chemicals environmentally friendly.

Call CPR Now!

We have served many of your neighbors, and we will serve you. For homes and businesses, CPR offers complete services: water removal, extraction, sewer cleanup, mold removal, and water damage restoration. Call 561-847-3495 for fast, immediate help in a water crisis.