Water Removal in Port St.Lucie

Flooding requiring water removal can happen at any time in Port St.Lucie. There is never a guarantee that the dry season will live up to its name. When you are caught off guard remember that Certified Priority Restoration (772-202-3322) is available 24/7 for emergency water extraction. When flooding occurs you have to act immediately to avoid further damage from the water seepage, and we will be there all along the way to help.

Dangers of Flood Damage:

Flooding of low laying areas is common; when a flood comes in contact with a home, mold can breed quickly and place the occupants at risk. Mold can remain hidden, so it is always recommended letting us inspect for the development of mold after we perform the water extraction. Mold can cause many side effects to the eyes, head, and respiratory system and can permanently affect children. Some varieties of mold can even produce Mycotoxins. Contact with Mycotoxins can seriously damage the lungs and even cause death. We at Certified Priority Restoration are a full service team. Our certified and bonded technicians are able to perform the water removal and extraction, water cleanup, mold removal and water damage repairs.


Sewage damage and Cleanup:

Another associated risk with flooding is sewage back up. When sewage mixes with the flood waters the water becomes infested with germs and bacteria. Along with the water removal, we are certified and trained to help you avoid exposure and subsequent infection from the grey water. We at Certified Priority Restoration follow the guidelines set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). With our adherence to the IICRC guidelines we can have your home back completely disinfected and looking like new. We use environmentally friendly chemicals for all our cleaning.

Total Coverage:

We work with you all along the way in getting your life back after a flood; that includes working directly with you insurance provider at no cost to you; we are affiliated with all the major companies. As well as being affordable, our informative technicians are fully licensed and bonded ensuring absolute professionalism as we help you recover from the devastation of flooding.

Available Any Time Day or Night:

Flooding can happen any time; you never know when you are going to be in need of water removal in Port St.Lucie. We at Certified Priority Restoration 772-202-3322 are here 24/7 to get you back on track. From the initial inspection, to the water removal and flood damage repair you are in good hands with Certified Priority Restoration. Our quick and affordable service is dedicated to ensuring that you get the fastest service to help you avoid further water damage and health risks. Remember that when a flood happens time is of the essence, a call to 772-202-3322 will get you back on track.