Water Removal Pembroke Pines

35 Years Specializing in Water Removal in Pembroke Pines

Damage caused by water can cause significant problems. The damage can be caused by a variety of reasons including clogged sewer lines and water leakage. Even the most minimal water leaking issue can quickly become a major problem if not remedied within the first few hours after the incident occurs. Savvy residential and commercial property owners will quickly call Certified Priority Restoration for water removal in Pembroke Pines. We have over 35 years of experience and can be reached at 954-874-8016 to start the process of restoration.

If your home or business has suffered from issues including rainwater that has penetrated into the building, it can quickly destroy the carpets, drapes, appliances and furniture. An experienced water damage repair company like Certified Priority Restoration will quickly remove the water and begin repairing the affected areas.

Avoiding Mold Growth and Infestation

Even minor plumbing problems should not be taken for granted. This is because dampness and moisture can quickly trigger the infestation of mold. If left unattended, a major mold issue can develop fast. Without warning, the mold can quickly grow behind walls, under flooring material and in the attic. The extent of damage caused by the water leak will depend on where the leaking pipe is located.

High levels of moisture inside a home or office can decay the wood components and make it begin to crack, split or crumble, which will quickly weaken its structural stability. Carpeting and fabric will begin to grow mold that could cause serious illness. The powerful odors produced by the growing bacteria, fungus and mold could linger for months.

Professional Detection of Mold Hotspots

Repairing the damage after a water leakage problem requires a team of skilled professionals with the proper equipment and experience to bring the structure to its original state. The process of water damage repair is complex. It requires the proper tools to detect dangerous moisture levels. In fact, the equipment can detect mold hotspots allowing the professional to confirm that there are microbial agents present in the floors, walls or ceiling. At Certified Priority Restoration we have the specialized tools, equipment, and sanitizers that are required for proper water removal in Pembroke Pines.

If you contact us quickly enough, we are often able to save many items in the structure through the process of water damage repair. These include clothing, carpeting, or other possessions. However, this is only possible if you contact us immediately and the water damage was made from a clean source of water.

Often, mold can begin to form in 24 – 48 hours after the flooding has occurred in the area where the materials and furniture were soaked. Once mold begins to grow it is often very challenging to handle. Everyone entering the structure with mold spores should wear eye and hand protection, an organic vapor respirator and protective waterproof clothing.

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If you have suffered from water intrusion and need water removal in Pembroke Pines, call Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016 for immediate help. We will get one of our certified technicians that is bonded and insured to your home or business and begin removing the water in under an hour. Without the proper equipment and expertise your water damage problem can quickly escalate and create more serious problems, so call us right now.