Water Removal Lauderdale Lakes

Removing Water is the First Step

Flooding is one of the largest causes of property damage for homeowners in Lauderdale Lakes and the surrounding South Florida communities and reducing the extent of that damage is your first priority. Removing the water as quickly and as efficiently as possible is important for allowing you to begin the process of repair and recovery. To protect your property from further damage, call Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) at 954-874-8016 for water removal in Lauderdale Lakes. Some of our technicians have over 35 years experience in water removal and flood damage cleanup, assuring you of a complete and professional restoration.

Minimize the Damage with Quick Action

Nobody wants to think about recovery from flood damage before a flood, but knowing what to do and who to call ahead of time can prevent additional damage and get your water cleanup started as soon as possible. Any delay in water removal can cause you further problems that might require additional cleanup. Things like mold removal and water damage restoration require more specialized expertise but can be minimized by acting quickly.

Flood Damage is Deeper than the Surface

Hidden water damage from a flood needs to be acted on quickly. By offering 24 hr services, we are able to respond to your emergency within 30 minutes. Our certified, bonded and insured technicians will waste no time getting your property back to normal. We have the specialized state of the art equipment and training to make sure your cleanup is complete, making sure that everything is dry, even behind walls and under floors. Any moisture that you don’t have removed can cause problems like mold in the future. Relying on CPR, the professional restoration company for water removal in Lauderdale Lakes is the best way to ensure your property is completely repaired.

We Take Care of It All

You already have enough to be concerned about in an emergency. We specialize in water and flood restoration, from the moment we arrive until the job is complete, every detail is our concern. We work with many insurance companies and often are able to bill them directly, removing one more hassle from your “to do” list. We have state of the art equipment and use environmentally friendly chemicals in our clean up processes making the restoration of your property safe and efficient. Call us as soon as you have an emergency in order to stop the damage and begin the water damage restoration right away.

Getting Back to Normal

Calling Certified Priority Restoration is your best move during an emergency. Taking the initiative to get your property restoration started as soon as possible will speed up the process of getting you back to normal. The sooner you call 954-874-8016, the faster you will get back to living your normal life. Reacting quickly and calling the right people for the job will not only minimize any additional damage but will relieve you of some of the stress of your restoration.