Water Removal Lake Worth

Time is of the Essence for Water Removal

Water damage is a serious problem that can destroy the materials in your home and make it an unsafe place to live. Once the water has entered the home, you have a limited amount of time to resolve the problem to prevent serious long term damage. As soon as the water is discovered, it is time to call an experienced professional for water removal in Lake Worth. Certified Priority Restoration has been repairing water damage in South Florida for over 35 years. Our experienced and professional team of technicians is able to remove the water from your home or business and keep it from causing serious damage. Call us right now at (561)-847-3495 and we will get a bonded and insured technician to your property in 30 minutes or less.

Preventing the Growth of Mold

Allowing water to sit in a building creates the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Mold can create significant long term problems and can be very expense to resolve. It is critical that the water in your property is professionally removed and your interior and contents are thoroughly dried. If certain types of mold form, it can become a health concern for your family or employees. People who don’t have problems like asthma or allergies may also find that breathing in mold spores will negatively impact their health. By calling Certified Priority Restoration now, you can be assured of a complete mold prevention program.

The Right Tools and Equipment

Our professionals have the tools and equipment needed to totally remove all of the water in the home. We use special imaging systems that will allow us to find water in places that they isn’t visible to the naked eye; like beneath floorboards or behind walls. We have high capacity driers to ensure that everything is dry from the inside out. When you call Certified Priority Restoration for water removal in Lake Worth, our certified professionals, they will be on the scene within half an hour. We have a sense of urgency and understand that the sooner that standing water is cleaned up the less damage will be done.

Direct billing to your Insurance Company
When the water removal technician from Certified Priority Restoration arrives at your property he will give you a free estimate and immediately begin to work. We completely guarantee our work and customer satisfaction. If the damage is covered by your homeowners insurance, we are authorized to directly bill and get paid from them. This means that you do not have to pay first and then file insurance claims to get reimbursed.

As soon as you realize that you have water or a flood in your home or business, call Certified Priority Restoration at (561)-847-3495. We will arrive in 30 minutes or less with the equipment and experience to get the job done properly and completely. Our goal is to restore you home to its pre-damaged condition in as little time as possible!