Water Removal Delray Beach

Emergency Water Removal Services

If you are in need of emergency water removal in Delray Beach, Certified Priority Restoration is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Water Damage and flooding can strike at anytime, we are fully prepared with certified and licensed technicians standing by that will be at your home or business within 30 minutes of your initial call. We have over 35 years of experience helping Delray Beach residents with water removal and water damage repairs. If you are a victim of water intrusion into your home or business, you need immediate water removal in Delray Beach. call us now at (561) 847-3495.

When floods, heavy rain, broken water pipes and other problems produce damaging standing water, it should be attended to without delay. Standing and constantly-flowing water will cause long term damage in walls, floors and even concrete. One of the first signs of damage due to water and excessive moisture is developing molds. Although there are thousands of kinds of molds, they can be seen by the discoloration of the material. Certified Priority Restoration will remove any forming mold and treat surfaces to prevent future mold from forming.

Water can gather in a number of places of a structure. If allowed, overtime, it will run to whichever area it can go. Water can hide in places that cannot be easily seen.

Molds can develop as a result of an unusual amount of moisture. The presence of mold indicates the destruction of material. There is a physical danger as well. Molds can affect a person’s health in many ways. It can trigger attacks in asthmatics. The presence of molds will often cause allergy reactions and breathing problems. There are worse physical results with molds that become airborne. Other fungi can cause toxicity, severe allergies and infections.

Water Must Be Removed Quickly

As water is allowed to sit, pieces of the material it comes into contact with may become detached and the structure becomes weakened. Most walls in a house do support something, if nothing but the wall itself. However, as water sits, wood swells and concrete crumbles, destroying the structures’ integrity and other building materials. Costly repairs, restorations and remediation are the only solutions after water damage. This is why it is so critical to call Certified Priority Restoration right now at (561) 847-3495 for emergency water removal in Delray Beach.

When water flooding and/or damage have occurred, some people try to clean up and restore the property themselves. To their dismay, the project often proves to be more difficult than first thought. Many of these people regret having begun the project, and, unintentionally, made the problem worse. Proper extraction, remediation and restoration could save thousands of dollars in urgent repairs. Professionals like the ones at Certified Priority Restoration should be called at any sign of water damage or when water extraction is necessary.

Certified professional technicians will know what to do and how to restore properties to their original state. They will have the correct equipment and wear the right gear to safely extract damaging water. Additionally, they are experienced in using equipment such as:

  • Commercial Air Dryers
  • Water pumps
  • Water containment systems

It is easy to ascertain why water should be removed as soon as possible. Our professional remediation technicians are specially trained to spot and remove water. When water removal in Delray Beach is needed and damage has occurred, call us. We are commitment to excellence in service to our customers. Calling Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) at (561) 847-3495 is the first and best step to neutralize the water situation.