Water Extraction Wilton Manors

Trust Decades of Experience for Water Extraction in Wilton Manors

Water damage can occur to any structure, including brick and concrete. The damage includes leeching out calcium that forms the basis of mortar as well as undermining the foundation, and this is just in a brick home. Flood damage is much more severe in a wood frame house, because beams of wood can succumb to fungal damage. Certain molds and fungi are able to break down lignin, which gives wood its strength. Combine this with the fact modern structures use inferior pine wood, and a disaster is in the making. Certified Priority Restoration is the trusted water removal services company for Wilton Manors residents with years of experience in water extraction. Call us at 954-874-8016 to begin critical rescue and water damage repair.

Water Extraction is the Critical First Step

Certified Priority Restoration can remove gallons of water effortlessly using both powerful machinery and a knowledge of plumbing. The sooner water is removed; the sooner the frame and foundation can begin to dry. Wood can survive saturation for a short while, but the longer it is submerged the longer pathogens have to break down its organic structure. Wood is tough and lightweight when new, but is robbed of strength anytime it has contact with moisture. Water extraction begins the preservation process.

Water Extraction Wilton Manors is Just the First Step

Once the flood water is gone, a house is still soaked with moisture. The floor and structural timbers must be dried out in order to be saved. Mold removal involves heat and chemical treatment to dry out the wood and kill damaging pathogens even while they are taking root. Wood must be dried within a day in warm weather before becoming questionable. Even if it means tearing carpeting up and knocking drywall down to expose the skeleton of a home, prompt treatment will save the building.

Flood damage Is No Longer the End of a House

There was a time when even a low flood caused homes to be condemned. The technology did not exist to prevent saturated wood from being attacked by mold and fungus. Homeowners had no one to call when the waters receded, and they watched as their soaked properties withered and then had to be torn down. Builders and restoration experts understand the science and biology much better and can halt decay in its tracks. Foundations can be shored up and wood can be dried in a few days. All this is accomplished with chemical sprays and a device that resembles a giant hair drier.

Even Sewage Cleanup is Easy For Certified Priority Restoration

Many floods are caused by broken pipes or even toilet backups. This can be a huge problem if a house uses a septic tank. Waste entering into the home creates a septic environment where bacteria thrive. Wood and furniture decay much faster in sewage water, because all the waste provides food for bacteria and mold to thrive. The real experts can safely remove even sewage and remove both the decay and the smell. In Wilton Manors few jobs are too difficult for the experts in water extraction at Certified Priority Restoration, just call 954-874-8016, 24/7 and we will be there within 30 minutes when disaster strikes.