Water Extraction Plantation

Water Extraction Must Begin Immediately

Water intrusion into your home or business presents some obvious dangers to your health and your property. The initial problems caused by water can quickly worsen if not addressed right away. In areas such as South Florida where homes and businesses face this threat on a seasonal basis, it is important to have an experienced company ready to handle your water damage repair and mold removal the moment it becomes a requirement. Certified Priority Restoration technicians have over 35 years experience and are highly recommended in providing water extraction in Plantation. Call us at 954-874-8016 24 hours and 7 days per week for a 30 minute response time to your water damage emergency. We professionally handle both residential and commercial jobs, and all of our technicians are bonded and insured for your protection.

Failing to handle problems related to water damage right away can leave you facing major expenses and repairs down the road that can be avoided by taking fast action now. Water not only causes aesthetic damage to the interiors of homes and businesses, it penetrates the walls and floors of the home. When this penetration occurs, the integrity of the structure can be weakened. The presence of excessive moisture or water will create long term problems if it is not completely dried and sanitized. Certified Priority Restoration has professionally trained technicians who will arrive at your property with the proper tools and equipment to get the job the right way.

Beyond the property damage that comes with flooding, water extraction in Plantation delays can allow mold to develop at rapid rates. The spores that form as the mold spreads can become airborne very quickly; creating a toxic environment that is unhealthy and can be a health threat to anyone breathing the air in the building. Certified Priority Restoration has the equipment needed and the knowledge necessary to handle these threats with the utmost precaution. We will completely cleanse and sanitize your home or business to minimize the growth and spread of mold. Our goal is to restore your property to its pre-damaged condition quickly, efficiently and completely.

Certified Priority Restoration is certified, bonded and insured, letting you know that you are in trustworthy hands. With technician having over 35 years experience in the industry has qualified us with most major insurance companies to directly bill and receive payment from them. That means that if your damage is covered by insurance, you will not have to pay us up-front and then file claim forms with your insurance to get reimbursed. We will do all that for you. Certified Priority Restoration can be reached any time day or night at 954-874-8016. Call us now and we can have a certified technician begin your repairs in under an hour.