Water Extraction Palm Beach Gardens

Years Repairing Water Damage

Have your carpets been damaged by water? If so, you need professional water extraction services. Certified Priority Restoration provides expert water extraction Palm Beach Gardens area. Call today to set up an appointment, 561-847-3495. We use specially designed equipment that can quickly remove liquids from water logged carpet and in most cases, prevent the owner from having to replace it.

When dealing with flood issues, time is of the essence. When your carpet is soaked, it is best to call an extraction company sooner rather than later. The longer water sits in a carpet, the more damage it will do. The damage is not always visible. Underneath the carpet and padding is a warm environment that can be the perfect breading grounds for deadly mold and mildew. By removing the water quickly and efficiently, it is easy to combat problems of this nature before they begin. However, the longer you wait, the more damage you cause to your carpeting and it may need to be removed and replaced. Ever tried to clean up a mold mess? Mold removal services can cost thousands of dollars; this can all be avoided if the water is removed promptly. Our certified technicians will quickly be on the scene to clean up the mess.

Carpet Damaged By Pollutants

Wouldn’t it be nice if all flood water was harmless? Oftentimes when a flood occurs, the water is from a burst rusty pipe, or from floor waters that may contain sewage. When this is the case the carpet must be not only extracted but it has to be cleaned and deodorized. When a carpet has harmful pollutants in it, it is unsafe for the family and pets. Damaged carpets from floods can often have biological or chemical contaminants on them. Not all carpets that are severally damaged can be restored, but there is a chance.

Certified Priority Restoration will assess the damage and tell you what your options are. Our technicians are bonded, insured and highly trained to take care of these messes. We will try every method possible to save the carpet. If the carpets have been damaged by a toilet leak or water from sewage lines and the water is not extracted within 24 hour, it should be replaced. If the carpet has been completely covered with sewage and contamination from sewer lines, it should always be replaced.

Why Certified Priority Restoration is the One to Call?

We respond within 30 minutes to your phone call. We will work with your insurance company to help you get the compensation for your damages. We will deal with the insurance company by supplying the requested documentation and forms they may require as well as direct billing. We stand behind our customers and help them every step of the way.

Certified Priority Restoration provides water extraction in the Palm Beach Gardens area, so that homeowners can save money by cleaning up a mess and saving carpet. We only employee the best technicians who are trained to handle these disaster situations with professionalism. We respond quickly, because time is of the essence with water logged carpet. Don’t let just anyone handle your problem, call now for immediate assistance, 561-847-3495.