Water Extraction Margate

Providing Water Extraction in Margate for 35 Years

Water damage is one of the leading causes of property loss for homeowners. Standing water must be removed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. If you are experiencing a water emergency, Certified Priority Restoration is here to help you with water extraction in Margate. We are a certified, bonded and insured water restoration company with over 35 years of experience in helping home and business owners who are experiencing water damage emergencies. Our technicians have all received specialized training in water removal and remediation. Please call us right now at 954-874-8016 for a water extraction technician to be at your door in about a half hour.

Water Cleanup Is an Urgent Problem

A leaking roof or a broken pipe can cause a great deal of damage to your property. Water extraction must be done immediately, or major problems can result. The warm climate of South Florida can speed up dangerous mold growth if the water is not extracted quickly and properly. In the long term, your home may lose structural integrity from incomplete water removal. Sewage clean up from a backed up toilet is also a health hazard and needs to be handled safely to protect you and your family or employees.

Immediate Water Removal and Drying Means Less Water Damage

The quicker the water is cleaned up, the less water can be absorbed deep into your home’s structure. Water extraction is just the start of proper water damage repair. Even after extracting the water, moisture can be deep in the fibers of carpet, or it might have gotten into the sheet rock of your walls. Our technicians will use moisture detectors to test all of the areas that might have been affected by the water intrusion. Once we have determined the extent of the water damage, we will use the best commercial rated equipment to dry out the area. Our state of the art heated air moving systems will dry out your home rapidly. This will mitigate potential long term problems resulting from water damage.

Your Insurance may Cover Emergency Water Extraction in Margate

In the event of water damage, your insurance company requires you to do what you can to protect your property from further loss. That means you should have the water extracted promptly. Certified Property Restoration will respond to your call immediately, and we will work with your insurance company to help you settle your claim. We also specialize in water damage restoration to help you bring your home back to the condition it was in before anything happened.

Call Us Immediately if You Are Experiencing a Water Damage Emergency

If you are experiencing a water damage emergency, Certified Priority Restoration is here to help you. You can call us at 954-874-8016 any time day or night, and we will provide immediate water extraction in Margate.