Water Extraction Lauderdale Lakes

There are few elements that cause more damage than water. When a flood happens in Lauderdale Lakes, hire water extraction experts who are trained to do cleanups. For your convenience, our Certified Priority Restoration company offers a variety of cleanup and restoration services. We can start working the same day that the flood happens. For years, we have been an important resource for home and office owners who need fast, efficient results. Water sets in quickly and causes irreversible damage to areas that are not restored immediately. Contact us at 954-874-8016 if you want to save your personal property.

30 Years of Water Extraction Experience

When a major flood happens, you must take major steps to deal with it. Special machines and professionals are needed to clean your flooded carpets, walls and upholstery. A regular vacuum or steam cleaner is not powerful enough to clean up after a severe floor. To preserve your carpet, have someone remove all of the dirt and water thoroughly. Certified Priority Restoration uses only high-tech water extraction equipment. We use water pumping machines that removes gallons of floodwater within minutes. Excessive humidity is a problem that usually comes with a flood. The dehumidifier is a type of machine that extracts water from the air. These machines sell in the thousand-dollar ranges, so they are not suitable for normal homeowners.

Prevent Mold From Setting In With a Simple Phone Call

Water restoration professionals know the urgency of restoring water damaged areas. That is why CPR professionals start working immediately after the first contact is made. Speed is important because water causes permanent damage if it sits too long. If we respond soon enough, we can save your belongings and stop the growth of mold. If the mold is already present in the house, we can clean it up using high-quality disinfectants and cleaning solutions. Removing mold is required in order to reduce health hazards. The work is best done by our certified professionals who have cleaned up countless homes.

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Certified Priority Restoration experts work quickly and clean thoroughly to remove the effects of floods. We take care of water extractions and cleanups as soon as you call. Using experienced professionals is better than doing the work alone. You have to buy expensive equipment and struggle to do the cleaning. Instead, hire several people at once to finish the project quickly. Restore water damaged walls, floors, furniture and anything else that is of value to you. In Lauderdale Lakes contact Certified Priority Restoration, the water extraction professionals who are specially trained to handle flood cleanups. Our Certified Priority Restoration Technicians are insured, bonded and certified in water extraction. Contact us right away at 954-874-8016.