Water Extraction Lantana

Invaluable Resource For Property Owners

At Certified Priority Restoration; we are the water extraction Lantana Company that you can count on to assist you with immediate results for smaller and larger water issues in your home. We are a fully licensed and insured company that has been helping residents throughout Lantana and beyond with their water extraction, repair and restoration needs for years. Flooding and other related water events can be disastrous, and they should be handled quickly by a team of experienced professionals to minimize the damage in your home. With a call to Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495, an invaluable resource for Lantana property owners in need of world class water extraction, we will get a team of water extraction specialists dispatched to your home within 30 minutes to immediately begin the extraction process.

Commercial Structures Incur Water And Mold Damage

We are a full-service water damage restoration company, so we can assist with all stages of the water cleanup process, not only at your but also your business or commercial property. As a first step, we will travel to your commercial property without delay to provide you with immediate assistance. We will assess the damage and develop an effective plan that will ultimately help to keep damage in your home, business or commercial property to a minimum while also providing rapid restoration services. In Lantana, our crew uses highly advanced equipment and has been specially trained to provide you with superior results, while offering a full range of services from water extraction to complete water/flood damage repair and restoration as well as mold removal.

In Emergencies, Water Removal Goes Far Beyond General Contracting

The nature of standing water is such that it can invade all surfaces, materials and passages in a building. Prolonged exposure to moisture can rot drywall, warp wood, stain glass, corrode metal and start a cascade of biologic pathogens growing that can radically affect the health of people using a structure. In the four decades that Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) has been assisting property owners, they have developed specialized ways to prevent and reverse water damage. They systematically survey your property with professional protocols combined with incredible intuition. They will identify the ways that unwanted water is entering your home, outline a plan of action for correcting it, and completely remove the evidence of past water and mold damage already experienced. Their methods are so failsafe and modern, they will even use thermal image monitoring to track the pathways of old seepage and discover where water and mold are hiding without caustic and compromising excavation methods.

CPR Provides Expert Water Removal And Damage Repair

Immediately following flood damage, including but not limited to; standing water, sewage, mold and all other types of water damage concerns call 561-847-3495; Certified Priority Restoration performs a state-of-the art survey of the property and issues a no-commitment estimate for service. They will work according to your family schedule and time frame for repair, and do the “footwork” for dealing with your insurance provider. Like few other types of home and building damage, water removal can be the most stressful, expensive and destructive. CPR realizes that no water damage or mold inspection, prevention or removal is adequate without the reassurance of having it performed quickly and completely by the certified technicians at CPR.