Water Damage Wellington

Time is Your Enemy When Dealing with Water Damage in Wellington

Water’s a good thing. Without water, life couldn’t survive on Earth. It stops being so good, however, when it enters your home uninvited. Floods, broken pipes, hurricanes and other unexpected events cause water damage, and that can end up costing you a lot of money and aggravation; especially if you don’t act quickly. If your home or business has been the victim of water damage in Wellington, call the professional water damage experts at Certified Priority Restoration right away. Call 561-847-3495 any time of day or night and within 30 minutes we will send a professionally trained, bonded and insured technician to your home or business who knows exactly how to fix water damage in Wellington. We have over 35 years of experience and we will get you cleaned and dried in as little time as possible.

Repairing Water Damage in Wellington Requires Special Tools and Equipment

Removing water that remains in your house requires a lot of special equipment. It’s not really practical to rent the things you need and attempt to fix the damage yourself. Renting or buying equipment can add up to a big bill, and an untrained person will not have the knowledge to do the job properly. We have all the equipment you need and the experience to enter your home safely and remove the water quickly. Using Certified Priority Restoration’s water extraction specialists will save you time and money as well as the worry and fear that entering a flooded home warrants. A water-flooded home hides unseen dangers and risks that we know how to avoid. All you have to do is sit back and relax, knowing we will take care of it for you.

Water Damage can be Highly Toxic

And it’s not “just water” in your home, either. Your home may contain one of three “types” of flood water: category 1 water (simply clean water), category 2 water (known as gray water) and category 3 water (called black water). Clean water from overflowing sinks and burst pipes, for instance, isn’t hazardous unless it’s allowed to sit and stagnate. It’s also the easiest to clean and to repair the water damage that results. Gray water, on the other hand, contains some contamination and can cause illness with exposure. Arising from overflowing washing machines, toilets (unless fecal matter is included, in which case it’s black water) and failed sump pumps that allow ground water to back up into your house, gray water requires surfaces to be sanitized and many materials to be replaced during water damage repair. Left to sit longer than several hours, gray water also degrades to black water. At Certified Priority Restoration our technicians are trained on the safety and removal requirements of all types of water.

Black water is the worst flood water of all. Flooding caused by a hurricane, sewer backups, rivers overflowing the banks and such are always considered black water. Category 3 water is contaminated with germs, bacteria, and other toxic substances that may infect you with skin-to-water contact. We know how to safely and efficiently remove this water, properly clean and disinfect all surfaces and contents, and return your home to its former condition. At Certified Priority Restoration we do this kind work 365 days per year and have been doing it for 35 years. We truly are experts.

Drying, Cleaning Sanitizing are the Steps to a Complete Restoration

Even after the flood water is gone, the job isn’t done. Chances are there is mud and debris that needs removing, and probably surfaces that need cleaning and decontaminating. We also quickly dehumidify the area to stop the growth of mold and mildew. Any trace of excess moisture invites them, and the resulting rot, into your house. It’s much easier to prevent than to battle mold and mildew once it has formed. However; if mold has formed, it’s nice to know that Certified Priority Restoration is also trained and certified in mold removal and remediation.

Call Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 right now and we can begin to repair your water damage in Wellington in less than an hour. Our professionally trained technicians are bonded and insured, and if your damage is covered by insurance we will directly bill your insurance company.