Water Damage Riviera Beach

Water Damage in Riviera Beach

A broken appliance hose from a clothes washer can cause flooding in a home that leads to moisture seeping into flooring and baseboards. When this situation happens to you, call Certified Priority Restoration immediately at 561-847-3495. Our knowledgeable team gets right to work by using specialized suctioning machines to extract moisture from walls, floors and ceilings. They are dedicated to making your home or business dry and safe.

Get Professional Water Extraction Services
Moisture from broken or leaking hoses can enter floors, walls, ceilings, and other unseen places that will require the services of trained certified technicians to detect and remove with specialized state of the art equipment and technology. Our certified technicians upon arrival on scene will assess the situation and provide a plan of action as well as a free no obligation estimate. Their trucks are fully equipped and prepared to begin water damage services immediately including but not limited to water extraction, water cleanup, damage repair and restoration, sewage removal and mold eradication and removal.

Prevent Additional Flood Damage

If you want to protect a home’s insulation and electrical wiring from required replacement due to a water emergency, then calling Certified Priority Restoration is the best solution. After using industrial-strength devices to extract water, we dry other surfaces in a home including baseboards, carpeting and tile. This helps to prevent mold growth on insulation and other underlying structures in your home.

Avoid Illnesses from Mold Growth

Mold spores are in a home ready to begin growing colonies after exposure to water. Mold colonies begin to grow fast inside walls and ceilings on insulation layers. If a home has mold growing on hidden surfaces, occupants can develop symptoms such as constant coughing or sneezing. Certified Priority Restoration has specialized cleaners to destroy mold spores on surfaces to prevent respiratory illnesses. In addition to destroying potential mold growth, we also sanitize to get rid of bacteria. To prevent musty or sour odors from developing, our trained technicians apply deodorizers to drywall, cabinets and carpeting.

Riviera Beach Water Emergency

Water Emergency in the Riviera Beach area; Certified Priority Restoration’s emergency water damage team of professionals is available 24/7 365 days a year, and will be on scene within 30 minutes of your call to 561-847-3495!