Water Damage Restoration Tamarac

Over 35 Years Servicing Water Damage Restoration in Tamarac

Flooding or leaks can cause significant damage in a home or business building. Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) provides water damage restoration in Tamarac and has certified technicians available around the clock who can provide estimates and work with your insurance company to minimize the damage. Waiting to solve the problem will most likely lead to increased damage and more costly repairs. If you’ve experienced water damage, call Certified Priority Restoration right away at 954-874-8016 and we will have a professionally trained and experienced technician at your door in around a half hour.

    Causes of Water Damage:

  • Floods
  • Leaky faucets
  • Burst pipes
  • Leaky toilets
  • Malfunctioning heating, ventilation and air conditioning units

Sometimes, it can take awhile to notice that these are even causing a problem. It’s important to check regularly to make sure that all systems are working properly and that they’re not leaking water. Our certified, bonded and insured technicians will perform a thorough inspection and detect any areas that are wet or moist.

We Provide all Types of Water Damage Restoration in Tamarac

Water damage can include the need to repair ceilings, floors, carpets, walls or combination of things. Water that’s leaking from a broken pipe or a backed-up toilet can result in sewage problems and plumbing problems, which can be costly if they’re not treated or if they’re not treated promptly.

Untreated or unnoticed leaks can also raise your monthly water bill and can lead to bigger problems, such as mold or burst pipes, which are expensive to fix. The water damage might not be immediate or noticeable, but it is causing damage. Certified Priority Restoration has the tools and equipment that is necessary to detect and repair the water damage.

Delaying the Process Will Result in Further Damage

Water in the home as a result of a flood or a sudden storm can be tempting to clean up oneself, but often it takes too long because who has the time? The problem is that waiting can lead to mold. Water seeps into the floorboards, ceilings and walls and then it attracts mold and helps spread it. This causes health problems and results in an additional cost: mold removal.

Water can also seep deep into carpets, leading to mold and odors that are next to impossible to get rid of. It can cause ceilings to sag and acquire damp spots that can’t be painted over. Paint and wallpaper can also bubble up and become damaged. This often happens slowly, as the water takes its time working through the home. Call us now so that your damage does not increase and so we can get your home restored to its pre-damaged condition.

Call Certified Priority Restoration Now

Call Certified Priority Restoration right now and we will get a professionally trained and certified technician who specializes in water damage restoration in Tamarac to your home or business in under an hour. The faster we start the process the less likely it is that you will have problems down the road. Call us now at 954-874-8016.