Water Damage Restoration Riviera Beach

Water Damage Restoration in Riviera Beach

Backed up septic tanks and flood ravaged floors can render your home uninhabitable, but you can rely on our professional staff at Certified Priority Restoration as your solution for water damage restoration in Riviera Beach. We can deploy our certified technicians to your commercial or residential property in as little as half an hour. Your home and your health fall under imminent threat at the presence of flood water and sewage. Even clean water sources can introduce dangerous pathogens your home or business, but Certified Priority Restoration is only a phone call away and we’re available around the clock. Call 561-847-3495.

Our Water Extraction and Drying Services Begin Water Damage Restoration

Dangerous mold begins to grow in only a few hours, but our fully trained and certified technicians will extract the standing water with our state-of-the-art equipment. After removing the standing water from your home or office, we’ll treat the affected areas to combat the growth of mold and we’ll completely dry all of the wet areas. Our water damage restoration covers all water damaged areas like rugs, carpets, furniture, walls and molding. We’ll also dry electrical outlets and exposed outlets to prevent electrical shorts and fires. After we’ve treated your water damaged building, we ensure that it is safe again for habitation.

Our Sewage Cleanup and Mold Removal Services

Even if your building or home’s water damaged areas are immediately addressed, improper drying can lead to a toxic environment for breathing and sewage backup should always be address by experts. So whether we extract the flood waters from your building or you attempt it yourself, our experts at Certified Priority Restoration will survey all affected areas to ensure that no mold or remnants of a sewage spill pollutes the environment inside of your building. After taking mold samples and subjecting them to laboratory analysis to identify them, we’ll work with you on a detailed plan to rid your building of the mold. We’ll quarantine the affected areas, remove the mold with high-powered vacuums and sanitize the region with environmentally friendly chemicals.

Why Certified Priority Restoration in Riviera Beach?

In Riviera Beach we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year because we understand how the health hazard of water damage and raw sewage increases each moment they are present in your home or business. We have an industry leading response time to be onsite in as little as 30 minutes to eliminate the problem before it grows into a larger health and financial problem for your home or office. We at Certified Priority Restoration are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We can offer onsite quotes and we can bill your insurance company directly. We’ll offer you a fair, timely and comprehensive quote on our services. If you’re in need of water damage restoration in Riviera Beach, call us 1st at 561-847-3495, so you don’t have to call us 2nd!