Water Damage Restoration Parkland

Most Experienced Water Damage Restoration in Parkland

If there’s water in your home, immediately call Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) at (954)-874-8016 and we’ll come right out in 30 minutes. Water in the home is a very serious matter so before allowing it to cause more damage to your home call to have a certified, specially trained, bonded and insured technician in your home today. CPR can get your home back at its best without a trace of there ever being any water damage. If you urgently need help finding the source of the problem, we are here 24/7 to solve the issue.

What can Certified Priority Restoration do for me?

  • We offer 24-hour water damage restoration for Parkland residents. Let’s say your home quickly fills up with water do to a broken pipe, hurricane or overflowing sink and the demand to help save your home is high, and we can be there within minutes to help.
  • With Certified Priority Restoration you always deal with a real person when in an emergency
  • We use only the best equipment to find the source of water damage and areas that require cleanup
  • Also there’s a free estimate with no hidden costs
  • We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Additional services provided by Certified Priority Restoration:

  • Flood damage- Don’t let flood water sit in your home, it will cause the most damages if not removed quickly.
  • Mold removal- Mold removal requires a trained technician to handle it and the right equipment
  • Water cleanup- We will quickly remove the moisture from your home to avoid mold growth.
  • Water damage- The sooner it’s handled the less likely it can cause further harm to your home.
  • Sewage cleanup- Sewer problems are major. It can cause many severe health threats to your family. It is best to call us to handle this matter as soon as today!

Don’t wait longer call Certified Priority Restoration today!

Our company is an insured-approved water damage repair restoration company. With our years of experience dealing with insurance companies we can file the claim to insurance companies on your behalf. We then bill your insurance company directly. Everything is then done properly, to code and insurance companies are informed of progress along the way.

Water damage can result in getting mold in your home!

Mold and mildew can be dangerous to your health. Everyday the moisture stays in your home and builds; it’s a breading ground for mold. Certified Priority Restoration can stop mold before it begins. We would come in your home and extract the water. Check to make sure there isn’t any mold and continue with water cleanup. Help protect your family from any health risk. In Parkland call (954)-874-8016 and schedule a free water damage consultation today!