Water Damage Restoration Lighthouse Point

Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Lighthouse Point

Flood damage can occur anytime, your home or business is always at risk; pipes leak and burst, sewer lines backup, old water heaters rust out, and roof damage can become a serious problem very quickly. Living in South Florida raises your odds of suffering water damage. Violent summertime thunderstorms, the occasional hurricane or tropical storm, and the fact that most of the area is barely above sea level, are all contributing risk factors. Your best defense is to be prepared. Understand your homeowner’s insurance policy, and make sure premiums are paid on time. Before something happens, choose a water damage restoration company you trust, and put them on speed dial. At Certified Priority Restoration our technicians are certified, bonded, insured, and receive specialized training. Call us at 954-874-8016, we are happy to answer your questions. Or, visit our website at www.certifiedpriorityrestoration.com. We’re the people to call for water damage restoration Lighthouse Point.

Water Cleanup Must Start Immediately!

This is not the time to procrastinate. Water damage repair, and sewer cleanup, should begin right away. The longer you wait, the worse the problem becomes. Mold spores latch onto wet areas and grow quickly. For instance, if mold spreads behind your walls, then the dry-wall board will have to be replaced. The longer the response time, the more damage that is done, and the more cleanup will cost. Certified Priority Restoration is on call 24/7, 365 days a year and we have a 30 minute response time. Mold, and sewer backups, can cause a variety of health problems; especially for those with weakened immune systems. If you need water damage restoration in Lighthouse Point, don’t delay, call Certified Priority Restoration.

Water Damage Can Cause Electrical Fires

Flood water in your home can damage your electrical wiring system. All outlets, and wiring, must be inspected thoroughly. If water has compromised any of your electrical components, they must be dried carefully. This process is tedious, and dangerous if not performed by a professional, but necessary to prevent the risk of fire. Don’t walk through standing water in your home. Let experts, like our technicians, make sure it’s absolutely safe before you start rescuing those cherished personal items.

If You Need CPR – We’ll Be There

Certified Priority Restoration, also known by our initials – CPR, is the go-to company in Lighthouse Point for water, fire, and mold damage. We are authorized by most major insurance companies to work directly with them; we file your claim forms, and get paid directly from the insurance carrier. We are certified, bonded, insured, and ready to help. You can reach us, Certified Priority Restoration, at 954-874-8016.