Water Damage Repair Weston

Water Damage Repair Calls for Quick Action

The need for water damage repair in Weston is not uncommon. During the hurricane and tropical storm season floods can occur without notice. In addition to floods, it is not uncommon to see leaking and burst pipes within any home. Most of the time, it is pretty obvious when water damage has occurred on one’s property, but when a pipe bursts or leaks within a wall or in a crawlspace, this is not always the case and the problem may not surface until damage begins to appear. For expert water damage repair in Weston call the professionals at Certified Priority Restoration. We can be contacted at 954-874-8016 and will dispatch a water damage certified technician to your home or business in about 30 minutes.

Experienced in doing Water Damage Repair

Perhaps the most common source of water damage within most homes is that of the leaky or burst pipe. When such a situation occurs, shut off your home’s water supply to prevent any more water from flowing into your home. When our bonded and insured technician arrives, he will identify the source of the problem, and fix the subsequent water damage that was caused by it. This will include completely drying out the affected area, cleaning up and removing any mold growth present, and repairing any foundation or other structural problems caused by the water.Certified Priority Restoration arrives to your property fully equipped with the tools and equipment to do an expert job.

Solve Minor Problems now to Avoid Big Problems Later

Of course, if your home encounters water damage as a result of a leaky roof or cracks within your foundation, then rainwater will be your worst enemy. For this reason, it will be extremely important that you have the necessary repairs done to your home to prevent water from leaking in before then next rainfall. Furthermore, you should call Certified Priority Restoration to assess the water damage in Weston and recommend a plan to fix it. Just a small amount of water entering your home can pose a serious problem with mold. We will make recommend preventative repairs when we fix the water damage.

CPR is Authorized to Bill Your Insurance

When it comes to basic water damage such as the situations listed above, you will most likely be covered under your home owner’s insurance policy for the majority of the repair work, less your deductible. And if you are looking for a great company that has specific experience when it comes to water damage repair, you do not need to look any further than Certified Priority Restoration. Here, we accept most home owner’s insurance policies and know what it takes to get the necessary repairs done and in a timely and quality manner.

If you have water damage repair needs, call the experts from Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016. Our professionally trained, bonded and insured technician will arrive in a fully equipped truck in 30 minutes or less and be ready to start your job.