Water Damage Repair Palm Beach

Help for People who need Water Damage Repair

Water damage is a terrible experience for people to have. It can change a lifestyle or it can change a life. Water damage can be the result of a fire in a home, a faulty foundation, a natural disaster and much more. Sometimes, in Palm Beach and surrounding communities, the real challenge comes when it is time to embark on the water damage repair that is necessary. At Certified Priority Restoration, we are here to do the repair work that must be done to get life back to where it needs to be. To start this repair process, we invite you to contact us at 561-847-3495.

Addressing the Source

Before we work on water damage repair in a home or a business, we do a careful inspection and look for the source of the problem. Perhaps a window was not installed correctly to the end that it enabled hurricane-force winds to blow moisture into the building. Perhaps the flooring was not laid properly and resulted in water seeping underneath the linoleum or the tiles. Still, there may not be a problem at all with the foundation or the facility. It just happened. Whatever the case is, we want to be sure that we understand what it is. Our technicians at Certified Priority Restoration look for the source in order to prevent the same thing from happening again and again in the future. Prevention may take some time, but it is certainly worth the effort, since it can stop water from coming into a home or business and thereby make the entire situation much worse.

Our Service to You

After we have come and inspected the facility to identity the source of the problem and have all the materials that we need, we will schedule an appointment to do the water damage repair that is necessary. Our technicians are pleasant to be around. They are on time for the appointments that are made. Each technician has received certification and is experienced in water damage repair work, thereby enabling the required work to be done quickly. We want you to know that we are bonded and insured. We will do all that we can to make our mess and work area as minimal as is possible. We know that you have a life to live and seek to efficiently take care of the repair work. Each of our repair vehicles is fully equipped with the tools and state of the art equipment that we need. If we are working on a larger project that is not completed in a day, we clean up after ourselves and limit supplies and tools that are in the building. We will not be a bother to you as we repair your facility from the water damage that it has received.


Certified Priority Restoration is not only ready and able but is insured and bonded to undertake the water damage repair that you require. Do not wait to get your home or office repaired. In Palm Beach call now 561-847-8016 to begin this vital work.