Water Damage Repair Dania Beach

Experienced Technicians in Water Damage Repair

Certified Priority Restoration is ready to help you with your water damage repair in Dania Beach and surrounding communities in South Florida. Our technicians have specialized training and are certified, bonded and insured. If you have water damage in your home or office, contact Certified Priority Restoration immediately at 954-874-8016. We will help you get your home or office back to normal and will ensure your water damage cleanup is conducted in a safe and speedy manner.

What Should I Look for When My Home Has Been Damaged by Water?

While the damage done when water comes into contact with your personal property, walls, and floors can seem obvious but there is more going on than meets the eye. What you can see on the surface of walls and floors is often only the beginning of the damage that is caused by water from leaks, floods, or heavy rains. If you see water damage, chances are there is much more you cannot see. That is why it is essential to contact Certified Priority Restoration immediately when you first see any signs of water damage. In Dania, we are the water damage repair experts. Our technicians will use professional inspection tools to determine the extent of the damage done to your property. We go beyond superficial inspections and ensure that all damage is identified and repaired.

Can I Handle Cleanup Myself?

You may be tempted to think small leaks can be dealt with on your own if you use safe cleanup measures. However, the problem is that many leaks that seem small are actually just a symptom of a much larger problem. If water is leaking in unseen areas, damage can be done to the structural integrity of your home and can be making your home unsafe to occupy. A typical shop-vac, often used by homeowners to clean up after water leaks, is not sufficient to extract the water from carpets, floors, or ceilings. You need professional grade equipment to ensure all water is extracted and the drying process is started and completed promptly.

What Are the Dangers of Water Damage?

While you may think the danger of a water leak is confined to your home and personal property, in fact, water can cause much more serious problems. Improper cleanup can result in mold, bacteria, and micro-organisms growing in your walls, flooring, and carpet. If those types of problems arise, not only is it expensive to clean up, but it can be dangerous to you and your family. In order to prevent these dangerous and costly problems from arising, contact Certified Priority Restoration immediately if you suspect water damage in your home. Call us at (954-874-8016) at the first sign of trouble, because every moment you wait allows the damage to spread!