Water Damage Miramar

Get an experienced professional to take care of your water damage in Miramar

Water damage in Miramar as the most expensive and problematic repair that a homeowner can go through. Unfortunately, too many people assume that they are not vulnerable to this type of damage. In fact, water damage in Miramar isn’t just limited to natural disasters, however. It can also be caused by sewage back-ups and leaky pipes, along with several other causes. As soon as water or flood damage occurs, it is important to have a professional, certified service such as Certified Priority Restoration (954-874-8016) clean it up. While many people just assume that if they can no long see or feel any water the problem is taken care of, this attitude can actually lead to a lot of damage. The truth is that water affects a home in different stages which requires water extraction, water drying, water cleanup, water damage repair and water damage restoration. Just cleaning up the water, will leave the homeowner and their home vulnerable to damage down the road.

What Happens When Water Floods a Home?

After a flood, water will tend to pool in a home’s lowest contained areas like flooring and walls. As the water soaks in, it can do a lot of damage. In this stage, appliances and electronics are often ruined. This phase of flooding, however, will also destroy any wood flooring and exposed, corrodible metal. The longer it sits the more damage that can be done. Because of this, it makes sense to call a water damage repair service as soon as the flooding occurs. The sooner they arrive and start working, the more damage can be limited.

Why Can’t I Do Water Removal Myself?

The truth is that getting all of the water out of a home is harder than it seems. Even a spoonful of water that is left in a dark place means the water extraction is incomplete and can create ongoing problems over months or years as it causes mold to grow, destroys drywall and flooring, and corrodes through a home’s wiring.

How Water Damage Can Keep Destroying a Home

All of the water damage a homeowner can see or feel is removed from an area, BUT the water damage is still soaked into the under flooring and walls. These materials are known for behaving like a sponge. They essentially soak up water and store it behind or under where it can be felt. Over time this water will come to the surface. In the meantime, the water can create huge growths of mold and bacteria, and corrode through a lot of structural components of a home requiring extensive water damage repair and restoration.

If Water Damage or Flooding Occurs!

Having a professional water damage team on site immediately to take care of a flood or large spill can save a homeowner from irreparable structural damage and possible harm to his family. In Miramar, call 954-874-8016, 24/7/365, we’ll be there in 30 minutes.