Water Damage Lighthouse Point

Emergency Water Damage in Lighthouse Point

In Lighthouse Point when you have a flood or leak that can cause water damage call Certified Priority Restoration immediately at 954-874-8016. Standing water can cause severe damage in the matter of minutes. Structure damage and health hazards can be very daunting and expensive. To avoid unnecessary damages, it is important to get a restoration company out immediately. Our technicians are certified, bonded and insured. No matter the time or day of your loss, we will be there in as little as 30 minutes.

Restoration Services

Water damage in Lighthouse Point requires several services to prevent unnecessary damages and to cleanup your home or building. We offer services for both residential and commercial. To avoid severe damages, water extraction needs to begin immediately. Water extraction pumps all water out of the area. Doing this prevents mold and more structural damages. Once all of the water is removed, drying needs to begin. We will dry all of the areas affected by water. It is important to only use qualified technicians. Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) technicians have been highly trained to use our state of the art equipment to remove all moisture from your water damaged areas. We only have certified and experienced technicians on staff. We only use environmentally safe chemicals to put your property back to new. In Lighthouse Point call CPR!

Water Damage Restoration

It can be devastating when you experience flooding or water damage. It is easy to worry and stress about your home and belongings. Our technicians will remove all items that have damage from water. Those items that can be salvaged will be completely dried with our top of the line equipment. Most people do not realize how many personal items can be saved after a water loss. We specialize in restoring items, such as, carpet, wood flooring, furniture, clothing, cabinets and many other household items.

Mold Removal and Sewage Cleanup

Mold is a very serious problem. It can cause health problems and strong odors. Due to the possible risks, Certified Priority Restoration should be called at the first sight of the mold. Our certified mold removal technicians will pinpoint the cause and restore to prevent future mold growth. We also specialize in sewage cleanup. There is nothing else in water damage work as foul smelling as a sewage backup. This is a major problem that causes strong odor and health hazards. Sewage backups can be from sewer pipes, septic backups and busted pipes. These hazardous and foul smell situations need to be addressed immediately. Our technicians can be called 24 hours a day to come to your property and avoid more damages.

Call Us Now 954-874-8016

When it comes to water damage in Lighthouse Point, Certified Priority Restoration is the most reliable and available company to call. It is extremely urgent to call us right away to prevent further damages and hazards. Our certified technicians are on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No matter the time of your loss, we are here to help w2ith emergency service within 30 minutes of your call to us at 954-874-8016!