Water Damage Lake Worth

Suffered Flooding or Water Damage ?

Flooding and water damage in Lake Worth is a common threat during the South Florida rainy season. Floods usually arrive unannounced and unexpected, and the resulting damage can be anything from minor water seepage to several inches of standing water throughout your home or business. If you are the victim of a flood or sustain any kind of water damage in Lake Worth it is important to act fast and get a professional to remove the water and dry your property. Certified Priority Restoration has over 35 years of experience in South Florida Water disaster cleanup and we are available to get to your home within 30 minutes. Just call right now at 561-847-3495 and one of our professionally trained technicians can begin repairs in less than an hour.

Standing Water Poses Many Dangers

Standing water is a substantial threat due to the fact that it begins its damaging path as soon as it enters your home or office. The second that water makes contact with carpets, floors, and walls, the damage begins to take place. Depending on the amount of water intrusion, damage inside of your walls can occur including damage to electrical wiring which is also a fire hazard. Floors can be damaged in numerous ways that include warping, staining, and the development of mold.

If you don’t start the process of professional water damage repair right away, then the moisture has time to penetrate everything it comes in contact with and can cause avoidable long term problems. The cost of immediate cleanup is small when compared with what might be required to have more extensive repairs completed later on. The point is to get professional help as soon as possible. Certified Priority Restoration has experienced technicians that are bonded and insured for your safety. Our years of experience have taught us how to quickly and completely dry your home or office and its contents.

Mold is a Serious Threat

Even after the water has been drained from the building; the danger of mold growth is still real. Moisture remains trapped in wood, siding, particle board, and ceiling tiles. Here, it creates a fertile breeding ground for black and white mold. As this fungus spreads, it releases toxic spores into the air that can cause serious health problems. Mold removal is a dangerous process that requires quick action to minimize its growth. Once mold begins to form, a professional mold remediator must make the repairs as mold can spread very quickly

Certified Property Restoration has technicians that are trained specifically on mold removal. We have the right tools and equipment to quickly detect where the mold is. We eliminate the mold by using EPA approved disinfectants and mold removal solutions that work the first time around. Don’t take any chances with mold because the longer it remains the more difficult and costly it is to remove.

CPR Will Directly Bill Your Insurance for Repairs

If the damage to your home or office is covered by insurance the repairs will not cost you any money out of your pocket. Certified Property Restoration is online and authorized by most major insurance companies for direct billing and payments. You will not have to pay us and then file insurance claim forms as many water removal companies require. We do all that for you.

If you have suffered any kind of water damage in Lake Worth call Certified Priority Restoration right away at 561-847-3495. We have the trained professional technicians, tools and the experience required to get your home back to its pre-damaged condition quickly. Call now and we will begin your cleanup in under an hour.