Water Damage Hollywood

Flooding occurs when the water in an area rises above normal levels and can lead to water damage and mold growth. While water is necessary for life on earth, it can cause significant problems in the wrong place. Flooding and water damage in a home or office building can be devastating to the structure itself and to the contents of the building. It is especially important that water intrusion and water damage in Hollywood be corrected promptly to avoid serious problems. If you have a water damage cleanup emergency call Certified Priority Restoration, one of the top water damage companies in the South Florida area, right now and we will get one of our professional technicians to your home or business within 30 minutes to give you a free estimate for our water damage services.

Flooding can be caused by several different factors including:

• Heavy Rains
• Broken pipes
• Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Heavy Rains

Heavy rains can overwhelm drainage systems, causing water to spread out wherever it can. During a heavy rainfall, the soil can become saturated leading to river, lake, or pond overflow. The rainy season in South Florida can also lead to flooding; the parched soil of the area is not always able to absorb water fast enough.

Broken Pipes

No one has control over a pipe break inside the walls of their home or business. Sometimes a pipe will develop a slow leak and the damage might not be identified until mold or rot begin to appear. In a case like this, especially in South Florida, it is important to hire a technician who is experienced and has made these repairs many times before. Certified Priority Restoration has been repairing water damage in Hollywood for over 35 years. We have the specialized knowledge of required to quickly and thoroughly repair water and mold in South Florida homes and businesses.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Hurricanes, with their combination of high winds and heavy rains, are a unique hazard to homes and buildings in Hollywood, FL. Heavy objects made airborne by high winds can puncture holes in roofs, walls, and windows. Even if the building is not actually flooded, water damage can still occur from heavy rains and potential structural damage. Certified Priority Restoration will repair and dry the water damage in Hollywood, and they can repair the structural or interior damage as well.

Floodwater can be highly toxic and can contain animal feces, automotive fluids, and lawn chemicals. If the flooding caused sewage lines to burst, the floodwater could also contain waste matter. Flood damage in a building can be difficult to evaluate without the help of a professional water extraction company.

Water damage differs from flooding in that the damage occurs from a water source inside the building such as a broken pipe or an overflowing sink, bathtub, or washing machine. Water damage in a building can lead to mold growth in areas that are not sufficiently dried out.

It is imperative that water damage in Hollywood be remediated as soon as possible. Delaying the water damage restoration process can lead to health issues from mold growth and possible structural damage. Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) is equipped to immediately help you with your water intrusion problem. We are able to provide water cleanup, water damage restoration and mold removal services to both residential and commercial buildings. Give us a call right now at 954.874.8016 for water damage repair and water removal for your home or office in 30 minutes or less.