Water damage in Hardwood Floors

You spent time picking out the wood source, style, color, and grain for your hardwood floors, and you probably spent some serious money in purchasing and installing that floor. So when you have water damage in hardwood floors, the investment in trying to save that flooring is often worth the effort.

For drywall, insulation, and most carpeting, water saturation almost always leads to the replacement of the materials. It is simply not worth it to try to dry them out since inevitably future mold and rot will make that effort wasted. However, quality hardwood floors are a different matter; any possibility in retaining the floor board can often pay dividends versus their replacement.

Water Damage Restoration- West Palm Beach, Broward

Wood floors are treated to withstand a minimal amount of water, such as would be used to clean them or might occur in spilling a drink, or even a bucket of water. Serious water damage occurs when the amount of water that seeps into the wood is more than the surface coating can handle, or when the water is driven under the flooring and bypasses that top coat.

As water seeps into the wood grain, the wood will begin to swell and possibly crack.The surface of the flooring will begin to buckle as the amount of water or the length of time elapsed before drying increases. Like a sponge in a bowl, the grains in the wood will push out and up until the wood panel can break from its surroundings. Left unattended, eventually the entire section of flooring that is saturated with water will buckle up and out from the sub floor.

Drying out a wood floor should not be done quickly. Wood will behave almost the same way whether you are saturating suddenly with water, or removing that water as suddenly as it entered – cracking and splitting as it expands or contracts. Most do-it-yourselfers and untrained restoration companies will go for the quick “fix” and attempt to try out your water damaged hardwood floor as fast as possible. The result will often be a warped and discolored wooden floor, if not something even more serious.
Each type of wood used in hardwood floors will have a slightly different reaction to the water damage and to the drying process. A professional restoration company will take this into consideration when coming in to dry out your water damaged hardwood floors. The extra time and effort to do the job right will give you a chance to save your valuable hardwood floors.

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