Water Damage from a Broken Pipe

When most of us think of water damage, we envision floods, storms, rivers overflowing, or some other disaster. The fact is most common source is water damage from a broken pipe. From a small leak to a burst pipe and the resulting heavy flow of water, a broken pipe and the water damage clean up that it causes can be a nightmare. Before you contact a professional restoration technician, there are a few things you should do to prevent any further damage once you discover a broken pipe as the source of your water damage.

Prevent Pipe Leak Water Damage

The first thing that you should do is stop the flow of additional water by turning off the water supply to your home as quickly as possible. If the source of the water can be traced to a single pipe to which you have direct access to the water valve, shut that valve first. For example, if you know a pipe under the sink is where the water is coming from, you can shut the intake valve for that pipe. However, if you see that the water flow does not stop, you probably have a pipe break somewhere behind that valve, or even more than one broken pipe. In this case, isolate your home’s main water shutoff valve (usually found outside your home) to cut the flow of water.

As an additional precaution, you should turn off the electrical power that flows to the area of your home where the water damage has occurred. Even though you have stopped the water from continuing to enter the area, you certainly do not want an electrical spark in that area.

Bacteria that causes mold will begin to grow within hours of your water damage being discovered. There are a series of precautions you can take to help reduce the incident of mold spores, and to get your home ready for a professional water damage restoration expert – read about Water Damage Cleanup and Mold Prevention.

Regardless of how you and your water damage restoration process will proceed, before you do anything more you should take pictures of the water-damaged areas and objects for your insurance future claim.This documentation is crucial for proof when settling your claim.