When your home is affected by water damage, one of the first things that comes to mind is “what am I going to do?” In that moment, it is important to remember that above all other things safety needs to be the first thing on your mind. Assess the water damage in your home and make sure to be careful when moving from wet carpeted areas to tile to avoid slipping and falling onto your floor. If there is damage to your ceiling, do not stand directly under the damaged area to avoid possible falling debris.

Now that we have discussed safety, the next step is to locate the source of where the water damage is coming from. Locating the source can be as easy as finding a running faucet or as difficult as finding a burst pipe that is located behind a wall. It is important to make sure that if you have a burst pipe, that you locate your water supply and turn it off to avoid further water damage to your home.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration and Clean Up

Now that you have assessed the water damage to your home and you have located and corrected the source of where the water damage is coming from, the next step is to determine if you can start the clean up process on your own. If the damage is minimal, the first thing you want to do is air out the area where the water damage is located by turning on all fans and opening your windows. If it is humid outside, keep your windows closed and turn on your Air Conditioner instead. Doing these things will help dry out the area and help reduce the smell that comes along with it. If you have wood floors, it is important to clear the water damage area quickly to avoid ruining the floors. After the water has been cleared out you can use fans to help with the drying process. Using a Wet/Dry Vacuum on carpeted areas will assist you in removing the water quickly. Make sure that when you do this that you remove and discard the padding underneath your carpet. Following these steps will help reduce the risk of mold or mildew forming within the water damaged area.

If you have damaged drywall or ceilings due to the water damage you will need to call a professional water damage expert. Professional water damage experts in Fort Luderdale in have the experience and know how to help you repair the water damaged areas and make your home feel like a home again. For more information on Water Damage Restoration visit the Certified Priority Restoration website at https://certifiedpriorityrestoration.com

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