Water Damage Boca Raton

If your Boca Raton residence has suffered water damage, it is important to act promptly. Unwanted water can invade one’s home for many reasons. Heavy rains can cause either storm sewers or sanitary sewers to overflow. Falling branches can destroy the integrity of the roof in a storm, causing rainwater to soak floors and walls. A single broken pipe can cause saturated floors all over the house. If your home or business has suffered water damage of any kind, call Certified Priority Restoration now at 561-847-3495 for fast professional repairs to like new condition.

Contaminated Water

If the water damage is caused by contaminated water, such as sewage, it is important to avoid spreading the contamination by walking from room to room. In many instances, it is important to keep the HVAC system turned off to prevent the spread of contaminants. It can be tempting in these situations to try to improve air flow by turning on the heat or the air conditioning, but it is simply not advisable when contaminated water is present.

If an obscure area is flooded but missed in the cleanup, musty odors can plague the property. Worse yet, mold, fungi, and bacteria can take hold in such an area. In such instances, the danger is that the HVAC system will then spread the unwanted organisms throughout the home.

Water damage Repairs in Boca Raton

Whatever the cause of water damage in Boca Raton, hesitating to secure professional clean up expertise is usually costly. When valuable parts of your residence suffer water damage, quick action can save both time and money. In Florida’s commonly humid environment, microorganisms can unfortunately grow and multiply very quickly. Once mold is growing under the carpet or inside the walls, solving the problem gets ever more complicated, and costly.

However, with the professional expertise, powerful equipment and know-how, Certified Priority Restoration can bring much needed solutions. Moisture detectors can be used to establish what is wet and to what degree. Infrared cameras can provide evidence of water damage in Boca Raton in concealed or hard-to-reach areas.

Commercial-grade dryers can speed evaporation and subsequent drying of carpet, furniture upholstery, and more. The bases of walls are very vulnerable; water can be drawn into the drywall. Delays in water damage cleanup can expand the amount of drywall that may need replacing. A quick call to CPR at 561-847-3495 will bring prompt service from our assessment team.

Bacteria, Mold & More

A host of microorganisms can wreak havoc on flooring, furniture, and more. Bacteria and fungus growth can be stopped in their tracks if your water cleanup needs receive prompt attention. We employ a diverse array of germicides, disinfectants, sanitizing agents, and anti-microbial treatments to return your residence to a safe place for family.

Odors are another common challenge when there’s been water damage Boca Raton. Use the right professionals to make sure that those musty odors are held at bay. There are a host of sophisticated techniques that can be utilized to stop mustiness and other unpleasant odors from taking hold of your home. Stop odors that would otherwise become unwelcome reminders of the water damage that you went through.

Call Certified Priority Restoration Today

Catastrophes and crises can happen. However, with the right expertise, the resulting water damage can be minimized. A quick, professional response to your water damage situation is vital. Our trained experts welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can make your home livable and enjoyable once again. Allow us to clean and dry important areas before mold and other microorganisms begin to propagate. If contaminated water has invaded your residence, our disinfecting techniques will quickly address the problem. Your call to 561-847-3495 will generate the immediate attention that you need and that you deserve.