Water Cleanup South Florida

Water Cleanup in Broward and Palm Beach County

You must choose a company with extensive water cleanup experience in South Florida locations such as Broward and Palm Beach County. In our geographic region, weather conditions such as flooding from hurricanes combined with high humidity levels requires certified water cleanup experts. Property managers and homeowners in Palm Beach County, Fla., can call 561-847-3495 for expert assistance from the bonded technicians at Certified Priority Restoration. Alternatively, if you live in Broward County, Fla., call 954-874-8016 to hire our insured team at Certified Priority Restoration. Our employees are available round-the clock to help you with removing water from a building as soon as possible.

Hire a Team with Specialized Equipment

We arrive at your home or business with specialized equipment including air dryer devices to assist with removing moisture. Our certified technicians use industrial vacuums to suction water from surfaces including floors, walls and ceilings. We often remove carpeting and padding to dry underlying flooring completely to avoid mold growth. Carpeting is frequently taken off-site for drying and storage while water cleanup efforts continue in your business or home. Water damaged furniture, draperies and other objects are safely stored throughout the repairs by our experienced team. The Certified Priority Restoration teams in Broward and Palm beach County work closely with you to meet individual requirements.

Follow Regional Laws

Regional laws exist that assist in regulating the Certified Priority Restoration experts efforts in repairing your home. We frequently refer to the standards established by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. By using the criteria of this organization, our team properly removes moisture and mold from your business or home. We use the appropriate techniques to return your building to its previous condition. Our technicians understand that you may feel traumatized following a natural disaster or burst pipe that has damaged your property.

Avoid Dangerous Mold Growth

In addition to removing furnishings and moisture from your home; we will thoroughly dry materials to avoid mold growth. The high temperatures and humidity in South Florida requires our team to work efficiently to restore a building. Mold spores are lurking in the flooding waters from natural disasters and burst pipes. Certified Priority Restoration arrives at your home with cleaners and deodorizers to destroy mold spores throughout your residence or business. Sanitizing floors, walls and ceilings is an integral part of our technicians’ efforts to remediate your business or home.

Never Delay Making Water Cleanup Phone Call

You must never delay a water cleanup due to flooding in either a private residence or business. Contact our water removal company Certified Priority Restoration immediately in Broward County, Fla. at the phone number 954-874-8016 or 561-847-3495 in Palm Beach County, Fla. We arrive promptly with a team of certified and bonded professionals to begin water cleanup and working to remove damaging moisture from your business or home. Our office staff will help with the complicated paperwork and documentation for your insurance provider’s reimbursement. Our goal is to help our client’s return to their home or businesses as quickly as possible after a flooding disaster.