Water Cleanup Wilton Manors

Emergency Water Cleanup in Wilton Manors

At Certified Priority Restoration in Wilton Manors, we have certified technicians ready to arrive promptly at your home or business. We have round-the-clock services at 954-874-8016 to assist clients requiring emergency water removal services, with a 30 minute arrival time. If you have a water pipe or hose burst on a weekend, then we are the best company to call immediately. Moisture from leaking hoses and pipes seeps quickly into ceilings and walls causing massive damage to a building’s electrical wiring. It is dangerous for families to live near water damaged electrical wiring in walls or ceilings. You need an expert who knows how to inspect a building quickly while taking action to prevent further damage.

Avoid Injuries by Contacting a Professional Remediation Team

Wet flooring can lead to serious slip and fall injuries for people in a building with water damage that seeps from under tiles and carpeting. In addition, moisture from broken pipes and hoses of fixtures can collect in a building’s walls near light switches and socket outlets. When you flip a light switch or unplug an appliance after flood damage, it is possible to receive a life threatening electrical shock. Our Certified Priority Restoration company can send knowledgeable technicians, some who have over 35 years of experience in the water removal business, to your home immediately to begin water extraction and removal from carpeting, drywall and other surfaces.

Call Us to Prevent Dangerous Mold Growth

Do not attempt to make water damage repairs without our assistance because the Certified Priority Restoration team has state of the art equipment for water cleanup in Wilton Manors. We have company vans filled with heavy-duty water extraction equipment and tools designed to efficiently dry surfaces such as carpeting, walls and ceilings in a building. After inspection and assessment, our knowledgeable team begins water removal quickly with industrial-strength vacuuming devices that suction moisture completely. At the same time, our Certified Priority Restoration technicians install air dryer machines to circulate air while lowering a building’s humidity levels. Constant air circulation in a building helps to prevent the growth of dangerous mold in attics and ductwork.

Never Delay Calling Us for Emergency Services

Customers calling us at 954-874-8016 know that Certified Priority Restoration has a great reputation with local homeowners and property managers for excellent service concerning sewage cleanup and water damage repair. In addition to providing water cleanup in Wilton Manors, we are available to assist you with dangerous mold removal from drywall, carpeting and insulation. Water damage restoration requires an understanding of local building safety codes to make a private residence habitable again for families. If you are the property manager for a business or rental property, then our expert team is necessary to make a building safe. Do not delay calling us for services 24/7 365 days a year.