Water Cleanup Pompano Beach

When there’s standing water in your home, you don’t just have one problem, you’ve got a whole list of them. Certified Priority Restoration knows this and understands the kind of water cleanup Pompano Beach residents need. The longer standing water remains, the worse the damage will be. If you call Certified Priority Restoration right now at 954-874-8016 they will be at your home or business in 30 minutes or less to begin the cleaning and drying of your property.

Perhaps the problem doesn’t seem so bad. Maybe there’s just a little water leaking from somewhere, and you can mop it up. Maybe the water is already gone, and you think the problem’s over. Unfortunately, you may be wrong. Whether the whole building is flooded or just a single room, water in a home or business is just the beginning of serious issues that could go on for months or years, causing discomfort and expense for the residents. If you’re in this situation, you must take action immediately by calling certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016.

Emergency water cleanup in Pompano Beach

Most structures look durable enough. The floor is often poured concrete; the walls are cinderblocks. When you’re standing in it, you’d think it could withstand anything. However, this is a misconception. The walls and the foundation underneath them are especially vulnerable to water damage, and the consequences can be severe. Water in your home can seep through tiny cracks in the concrete and penetrate deep into the building’s foundation, contributing to damage that may not be detected until it has become extensive. This is why a complete job of emergency water cleanup Pompano Beach is so important. Additionally, the flooring and sheet rock can peel and warp, carpet can rot and mold can grow. Unpleasant smells can appear and just never go away.

At this point, your problems will only be starting. Water from a flooded home can get into the spaces inside walls and cause more issues above the waterline. In a warm area like Pompano Beach, daytime temperatures can evaporate water and make water vapor rise into the walls. At night, cooling temperatures will cause it to condense, causing small drips that contribute to more rotting, molding and even electrical problems. The only remedy for this is to eliminate the water and moisture completely and properly treat all effected surfaces.

This can also be as bad for human health as it is for the house. When the water makes mold grow, the residents may notice respiratory symptoms like a runny nose, sinus headaches and irritated throat. They may think they have a cold, but the culprit is really hidden mold in the walls. Molds and other microorganisms give off spores and irritating chemicals that often cause allergic reactions, producing symptoms that can be mistaken for cold or flu. Even after the water has been removed, the mold may continue to grow and require more professional attention.

None of these issues will go away by themselves. If ignored, they will only get worse. Any expense and difficulty caused by remedial action will be much less than the consequences of doing nothing.

Whether you’re up to your ankles in water or just have a slow, mysterious leak, you may have more problems than you realize. Certified Priority Restoration’s technicians have 35 years of experience with the kind of water cleanup Pompano Beach residences require, and they can assess the issues and formulate a plan of action to fix the problem completely. For your own health and that of your house, you need to call CPR at 954-874-8016 right now and get a professional assessment of your damage.