Water Cleanup Palm Beach

Years of Experience in Water Cleanup in Palm Beach

Experience matters in many types of businesses- and water cleanup companies in palm beach are no exception. If you remember the horrible aftermath of the flooding of New Orleans and all of the problems that homeowners had cleaning the water from their homes and then the mold afterwards, it should remind you that if there is a water leakage or storm damage problem that causes excess water to pool in your home, you should take care of it right away with certified professionals. Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) serves all of the Palm Beach area with certified, bonded, and insured technicians that have years of experience working in every type of water and sewage cleanup. The result for clients is that when you call us at 561-847-3495, you will receive prompt, courteous, and expert service within 30 minutes of your phone call if necessary.

To Do When the Water Comes

Depending upon the nature of your problem, it is natural to want to find the source of the water damage that has been caused to your home. If you already know that it was a one-time storm or event that caused the damage, you should call right away. If you have flooding in your house or business due to a broken pipe, leaking roof or even an overflowing toilet, sink or tub, then it is a good idea to document it with your camera or smartphone and then shut the water off to either the toilet, tub, sink, or the house in the case of a broken pipe before giving us a call. You can also then start to make plans to have your plumber come out and fix the pipe, either before you talk to us or afterwards. The main thing to remember is that the longer the water sits, the more chance there is of mold.

How we can Help You!

If you got to your water damage source right away, we will send people and equipment to cleanup the water damage immediately so that there is no danger of mold forming in your home. If the water has been there for a while, we are also certified mold experts and can remove the water, drying, mold eradication and removal as well as sanitizing and odor removal.

Perfecting Water Cleanup in Palm Beach

We work hard to keep supplied with the latest technology so that you, our customer, can relax and know that your home will soon be restored with state of the art equipment, the best tools, and perhaps most importantly, the best experience available, with some of our technicians having more then 30 years in the water damage business. We also pledge to work our hardest to ensure that your needs are met from the time you pick up the phone and call us. So in the Palm Beach area if you have water cleanup requirements, call us as soon as possible at 561-847-3495.