Water Cleanup Lake Worth

Your home is an important investment. When water damage occurs, it can undermine critical structures and lead to expensive water damage repairs. Fast action will help to eliminate ongoing threats to your ceilings, flooring, walls and appliances. For water cleanup in Lake Worth residents can count on Certified Priority Restoration to preserve their important home investment. Certified Priority Restoration has over 35 years of experience and is bonded and insured for your protection. Call us right now at 561-847-3495 and we will have a professionally trained and equipped technician at your property in 30 minutes or less.

Causes of Water Damage

Homes in Lake Worth can receive water damage from a number of different sources. Plumbing can break, drenching your home or businesses interior and leading to mold growth and rotting of materials. Sewer lines can break, spilling contaminated water on grounds and in the home. Florida’s summer hurricanes can cause heavy rains and wind that penetrate roofing and entry points. Flooding can occur in low lining areas as a result of heavy rain or a high water table. Whatever the cause, these problems can be quickly fixed by the professional team at Certified Priority Restoration.

Water’s Hidden Dangers

Flood damage is a serious threat to the integrity of your home structures. You may try to clean up the obvious pools of water found in your home, but water damage can have serious, hidden effects that can cause problems long after the surface wetness has been removed. Water’s fluidity causes it to run into cracks and crevices and find low points in the structure that can sit for time, gradually causing damage to wood in ceilings, walls and flooring. It can also cause rusting in the internal components of household appliances. The moisture can then attract mold growth deep within construction materials, which can reproduce and spread to surrounding materials. This mold can cause problems with the respiratory system, allergies, skin and general health of everyone in the household. Odors can also develop in the home, further reducing the value of your investment. When you hire Certified Priority Restoration for water cleanup in Lake Worth we use infrared moisture detectors that find hidden moisture so that we can dry it our completely.

Restoring Your Property From Water Cleanup

Professional water extraction services performed by Certified Priority Restoration will remove all traces of moisture from construction materials and restore your home to its original condition. Our company will professionally perform water cleanup, mold removal, sewage cleanup and help with water damage repair. It can prevent further damage to your property and help to restore your home to healthy, livable condition.

How Water Cleanup Is Done

Certified Priority Restoration technicians are bonded and insured, and the use special equipment to remove standing water from the property. We then begin commercial drying techniques to remove remaining traces of moisture to prevent mold growth and damage to construction materials. If mold growth has already begun, we will clean and apply mold-inhibiting compounds to prevent further contamination of the property.

The longer you wait to clean and dry your property, the more damage that water can do to areas inside of walls, under flooring and around your expensive appliances. Without an immediate resolution, you will end up replacing materials and items at great expense. For water cleanup in Lake Worth call Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 for water cleanup in under an hour!