Why Water Cleanup in Fort Lauderdale Requires Professional Sanitation

When your home has a backed up main sewer line, it can affect the entire house. Toilets, sinks and other plumbing appliances cannot drain and effectively erupt with waste water. Whether the water damages one room or more, it is critical to contact a professional sanitation company, such as Certified Priority Restoration. Although it may appear like gray water, a sewage cleanup procedure is relatively complicated. Professionals must evaluate your home to pinpoint all water damage and remove harmful bacteria and germs. Without a professional’s opinion, you open your family to possible severe illnesses, ranging from short-lived colds to contagious viruses. Take a look at Certified Priority Restoration’s website at www.certifiedpriorityrestoration.com to learn more about water removal and sewage cleanup.

Health Issues

South Florida can have some wild storms, from thunderstorms to hurricanes. A flood can quickly overwhelm a sewage system and cause a backup in your home. Stay away from any sewage spills and contact professionals immediately. If the sewage sits for a long period, there is more bacterial and germ exposure to your loved ones. The water also has a chance to permeate more porous items as it seeks its own level. Close off the area until professionals can evaluate the area. If you must enter the space, it is crucial to wear a face mask, especially if there is no form of ventilation. Sewage fumes concentrate in a poorly ventilated area, creating a toxic cloud that sickens people. Wear boots to enter the area, but do not walk back into the clean home. Even if the soles appear dry, you track germs into your home that contaminates rugs and carpets. Professionals have specific strategies and equipment to isolate the sewage spill and keep your home safe from germs.

Salvageable Items

Water extraction from a tiled floor differs greatly from treating a carpeted area. For example, professionals cannot properly sanitize a carpet from sewage germs. You must discard any porous items, including carpeting and rugs. Allow professionals to treat water damaged areas that are non-porous, such as extracting sewage puddles from concrete floors. Any affected drywall must be removed and replaced when exposed to sewage as well. It is a porous item that can emanate fumes for a long time if left installed. Professionals pinpoint furniture and decorative items that must be discarded, including sofas and drapes. Water extraction and sanitizing these items does not make them clean enough for daily use.

The Clean Up

After discarding all the porous contaminated items, Certified Priority Restoration begins the clean up process. Along with water extraction, they look for any mold and remove it accordingly. Depending on the type of damage, different chemicals are applied to the area to disinfect non-porous items. Once the professionals deem the area as clean, you may start repairing and replacing key items. If you are interested in learning more about the effects of water and moisture on your home or business property, or how to remove water and dry out a flooded building, you are invited to contact Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016.

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