Water Cleanup Boynton Beach

If your Boynton Beach residence or business has experienced storm damage, a broken pipe, or other water damage, it is vital to address the problem quickly. At CertifiedPriorityRestoration.com, we pride ourselves in providing rapid and competent water cleanup in Boynton Beach. Call us at right now at 561-847-3495 and we will have a trained and certified technician at your property within 30 minutes.

If water has saturated carpet or upholstery because of storm damage or a burst pipe, the humid climate in the Boynton Beach area can create multiple problems. Microorganisms often spread quickly in moist, humid conditions. Our expertise and powerful tools combined with our professional bonded and insured technicians will solve your problem and keep your family safe from mold, fungus, bacteria, and other threats.

Water Cleanup Assessment

At Certified Priority restoration, we use electronic moisture detectors to help us to identify all problem areas, including hidden ones. Advanced infrared detection helps to assess hard-to-reach areas. If you want peace-of-mind, and a high quality water cleanup assessment Certified Priority Restoration is the expert in Palm Beach County.

Avoiding Mold, Mildew, Fungus

It’s not just carpeting that is vulnerable to getting saturated and then damaged by water. Area rugs, hardwood floors, and vinyl flooring are all vulnerable as well. Furthermore, drywall can quickly absorb moisture. Affected areas can quickly deteriorate. Worse yet, mold can take hold inside the affected walls. However, with quick, professional water cleanup in Boynton Beach, damage can be limited in scope. Our drying equipment is the best available in the industry, and will effectively dry out floors and walls.

Even smaller amounts of moisture that get into the carpet backing or the carpet pad can cause mildew or mold to set in. Avoid these problems so that complete carpet replacement can be avoided. Water that seeps into laminated flooring and under vinyl flooring can be destructive as well. Our professional knowledge is important when it comes to the correct use of anti-microbial treatments, germicides, and various sanitizing agents. These agents can be effectively employed to stifle bacteria and fungus growth. Prompt water cleanup and disinfecting at your Boynton Beach home can stop those microorganisms in their tracks. Certified Priority restoration technicians are fully trained in the proper use of chemicals and disinfectants.

Water damage can generate a host of unpleasant odors as well. We’ll employ the latest deodorization techniques to help you to avoid those musty and other smelly odors. Get rid of odors so that you can leave the unpleasant memory of the flood or water damage behind.
Another reason to quickly attack water damage is “secondary damage.” Wet carpeting or standing water can create prolonged high humidity conditions that can damage valuables that are seemingly out of harm’s way high on shelves. When necessary, we can deal with this challenge though the use of industrial-grade dehumidifiers. Strong air movers can evaporate moisture in walls, floors, and hidden areas.

Call Certified Priority Restoration for Immediate Help

For the sake of your home and your family, don’t delay in getting professional help. Effective water cleanup solutions are much more effective if you address the problem right away. This will often limit your overall costs involved in the clean up as well. Prompt action can potentially save furniture and other upholstered items that might otherwise succumb to warping, delamination, mold growth, and other serious problems. Call our trained staff today. We’ll quickly analyze your needs and get you the peace-of-mind that is so important in a time like this. Call Certified Priority Restoration now at 561-847-3495.