Water Cleanup Boca Raton

When water cleanup is required, prompt action can save your family a great deal. Florida’s humid climate often works against the proper drying that is required. Plus, microorganisms can take over more quickly under humid, moist conditions. Powerful equipment and the right expertise are often required to mitigate and to reduce the potential losses. Certified Priority Restoration has the equipment, certified technicians, and the ability to be at your property in about 30 minutes. Call them now at 561-847-3495.

Water Cleanup Boca Raton Assessment

Quick, expert service is required to identify all locations where water cleanup is required. Moisture detectors can allow us to quickly assess all areas that require attention. We’ll even employ advanced infrared detection solutions where appropriate. Achieving peace of mind begins with an assessment that you can be confident in.

Fight Mold, Mildew & More

It’s vital to dry out carpeting and other flooring before unwanted fungi, mildew, and mold take over. The bases of walls must also get prompt attention. Drywall often absorbs moisture at a rapid pace. Without prompt water cleanup in Boca Raton, drywall replacement needs may quickly expand.

Our hi-tech drying equipment can substantially limit the damage that would otherwise occur. The humidity often present in the Boca Raton area slows the natural drying process. Even limited amounts of moisture that get between the carpet backing, pad, and sub-flooring can result in the arrival of mold and mildew. Once these unwanted agents appear, a complete replacement of carpeting is often required. A prompt call to Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 for water cleanup Boca Raton can save you substantial aggravation.

We use a wide array of sanitizing agents, anti-microbial treatments, and germicides to make your home safe once again for your family. A host of microorganisms can wreak havoc on flooring, furniture, and more. Bacteria and fungus growth can be stopped in their tracks if your water cleanup needs receive prompt attention.

Odors must often be controlled as well. We are experts in the latest deodorization techniques. Lingering musty odors are not only unpleasant, they are unwanted reminders of the flooding or storm damage event as well. We want to help you get this challenge behind you as promptly as possible.

Secondary Damage

Once water damage has occurred, another problem may arise — secondary damage. The high humidity conditions that accompany wet carpet or standing water can attack valuables even resting high on shelves. Therefore, industrial-grade dehumidifiers may be employed to keep humidity levels at manageable levels.

Powerful air movers can be indispensable in evaporating moisture in critical areas like floors and walls. Unique situations often require unique solutions, and we are ready to employ state-of-the-art techniques to minimize loss when catastrophe strikes.

Call Certified Priority Restoration NOW!

A prompt response to your water cleanup Boca Raton needs can often limit the costs involved. It can also potentially save valuable furniture and other belongings that might be otherwise lost once mold, fungus, and bacteria take over. Our trained experts will quickly assess your situation and bring you peace of mind. Call Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 for an immediate solution.