Sewage Cleanup Plantation

Sewage Cleanup is Different

Water contaminated by sewage in a home or office can be a major hazard to human health. The property needs to be cleaned and restored by a certified professional who has been trained for sewage cleanup in Plantation. Sewage water needs to be cleaned as soon as possible so further potentially permanent damage and mold do not develop. If you have had a sewage spill or flood in your property, call Certified Priority Restoration now at 954-874-8016 for a 30 minute response and immediate cleanup of your property. Certified Priority Restoration has over 35 years of experience performing sewage cleanup in Plantation and all of South Florida.

Harmful Germs and Bacteria

Sewage cleanup is different than other forms of water damage restoration. All flood water and water that leaks in from the outside has a certain amount of bacteria in it. However; sewage is toxic and in the same category as hazardous material. The removal of sewage contaminated water requires specific equipment and knowledge to properly clean. Certified Priority Restoration will only send a certified professional technician who has been trained on the removal of hazardous materials. The technician will be equipped with high powered pumps that can handle the extra load of sewage contaminated water.

Sanitize and Deodorize

Once the accumulated water is removed the drying and dehumidifying process can begin. Certified Priority Restoration will bring heavy duty fans and heaters to thoroughly dry the premises of all water and excess moisture. Your CPR technician will then check for moisture in hidden areas using the latest moisture detection equipment including an infrared thermo graphic moisture meter. At Certified Priority Restoration your safety is our primary concern, and when we finish the job your home will be restored to its pre-damaged condition.

When the technician has determined that all water and moisture have been eliminated he will begin the final phase of the repairs which is to completely sanitize and deodorize the property. Certified Priority Restoration uses EPA recommended chemicals for all sanitizing and deodorizing. Although these chemicals are environmentally safe, they should only be used by experienced professionals. At the conclusion of this process your home or business will be as clean and fresh smelling as before the spill.

Take Action Now

With Certified Priority Restoration Emergency help is available 24/7, and we will have a bonded and insured technician on your property within 30 minutes. Your home will be restored to like new condition and we will salvage any furniture and personal belongings wherever possible. If you have had any kind of sewage backup, spill or leak, call Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016 to get your life and property back to normal.