Sewage Cleanup North Lauderdale

When You Need Sewage Cleanup in North Lauderdale

When you are in need of sewage cleanup in North Lauderdale it can create a stressful situation if you aren’t familiar with where to turn for help. Fortunately there is help for those situations that require sewage cleanup, water extraction and many more similar situations. Certified Priority Restoration has everything you need to get rid of the excess water in your home or other building. All you need to do is call us at 954-874-8016.

Why You Should Call CPR?

When you are in need of damage repair as the result of flooding or other types of water-related incidents, you naturally want the best company for the job. Our company has individuals with over 35 years of experience performing various types of water damage repair. We have the experience and resources that are necessary to make sure your home looks the same as it did before any water damage.

You never have to worry about waiting around for us; we arrive on time and have all the necessary tools and equipment to perform the job you pay us to perform. You can depend on our certified technicians to discuss everything about the job and provide an accurate estimate before we do any work.

Certified Priority Restoration works with most of the major insurance carriers and can bill them directly instead of you needing to pay upfront and recoup the money from your insurance carrier. You don’t even need to file any claim forms; we do that for you as well.

Major Advantages to Calling CPR

When determining whether you should choose Certified Priority Restoration to handle your water damage restoration, you may want to consider the following advantages of choosing our company above other similar ones:

• 24 hour emergency response every day of the year
• Technicians respond within 30 minutes of receipt of the call
• Free estimates
• Fully trained and certified technicians
• State of the art equipment
• Approved by insurance companies with the ability to bill those companies directly
• 100% guarantee of satisfaction on every service we perform


When you are in need of sewage cleanup in North Lauderdale the last thing you want to face is a long wait. This is where the services of Certified Priority Restoration far exceed the abilities of many other similar companies. When a potential customer calls for service there is an urgent need for a timely response. We understand what our customers need, and we do whatever is necessary to meet those needs. If you are in need of water damage services call 954-874-8016 to schedule a free estimate for the services you require.