Sewage Cleanup Lantana

In Lantana sewage backups can result from blockage caused by solid waste, broken pipes or flooding. A sewage backup in your home can lead to unsanitary conditions from which pathogens evolve. An unsanitary environment may subject you and your family to health risks. In addition, sewage water can seep beneath cabinets and into crevices causing further damage over time. Sewage cleanup is an urgent matter to prevent further damage or illness. If you experience a sewage backup, keep animals and children clear of the area and call, 24/7, the emergency sewage cleanup professionals at Certified Priority Restoration, 561-847-3495.

Why Certified Priority Restoration for Sewage Cleanup?

Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) will dispatch trained and certified technicians within 30 minutes of your call. Their professionals will assess the damage and provide cleanup following Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification protocols. They are experienced in water damage cleanup, odor removal and decontamination services. The technicians are equipped with state of the art tools and equipment to assure thorough water removal and prevent secondary damage. Certified Priority Restoration uses environmentally safe chemicals to provide superior cleaning and minimize health risks. Their staff is trained in safety precautions necessary to clean and dry your property to provide a healthy environment. Call CPR at 561-847-3495.

Protect Hygiene and Health

One of the major hazards of a sewage backup is that the water often contains bacteria, viruses, fungi and in some cases blood borne pathogens. The severity is worsened as waters escape and flood the building, seeping into porous materials where it is often difficult to detect. Diseases may be spread as people come in contact with contaminated materials. Sewage waters have been known to cause severe diseases such as infections hepatitis, typhoid fever and gastroenteritis to name a few. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that sewage spills are cleaned up immediately to prevent exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. Certified Priority Restoration has an excellent response time and will provide emergency water cleanup services to reduce the chance of your being exposed to contaminants.

Water Damage Repair after Sewage Backup

The water from sewage backups can also lead to severe structural damage. Water can seep beneath flooring tiles and contaminate carpets. It can find its way beneath cabinetry and behind moldings. In the worst case scenario it can even damage walls and contaminate insulation. Left undetected, hidden water can deteriorate wood, weaken floors and damage other furnishings. Moist and damp areas may lead to mold as well. Technicians at Certified Priority Restoration are trained in detecting and removing water in those hard to reach areas. They are experts at water damage repair and restoration. A certified technician will clean, dry and sanitize all affected areas to restore the area to its previous condition and prevent water damage.

Emergency Restoration and Sewage Clean Up

Certified Priority Restoration is staffed with a team of experts in water removal, water damage repair and water damage restoration. They can quickly and efficiently provide water removal and decontamination services following a sewage backup. Sewage cleanup should be treated as an emergency to prevent being exposed to disease causing organisms and risk further damage to property. For fast and efficient sewage cleanup, call Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495, right away.