Sewage Cleanup Dania Beach

Sewage Cleanup in the Dania Beach Area

For sewage cleanup in the Dania area, call us, Certified Priority Restoration, at (954) 874-8016 in order to receive restoration work from the best professionally certified, bonded, and insured technicians available in South Florida. Whatever the cause, the damage that can result from sewage exposure is costly, extensive, and difficult to undo. It is urgent that you call us so that we can get to work right away so that the total damage to your property is minimized and correctly dealt with. In addition to being professionally certified, bonded and insured our technicians’ posses over 35 years of extensive experience and highly specialized training to ensure that our work is always of the very best quality and is done right the first time.

The High Risk of Adverse Health Consequences of Sewage Exposure

Sewage exposure can cause a diverse array of highly dangerous exposure issues to you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, your customers, and your associates along with extensive damage to property and equipment. Exposure to infectious bacteria, dangerous parasites, toxic and infectious mold, viruses, and extremely dangerous toxins and pollutants can make you, your family, friends, co-workers, customers and associates extremely ill and potentially fatally so. Our certified, bonded, and insured technicians will take the decisive steps to deal with your sewage damage anywhere in the Dania and the surrounding South Florida communities so that you do not become liable for the health consequences of those individuals who regularly utilize your home or place of business. In the case of sewage exposure, any delay will put you and those that you care about in jeopardy. Diseases like hepatitis, cholera, giardia, e-coli, round worms, tetanus, and many others can result from sewage exposure. Heavy metals, PCBs, pesticides, toxic mold spores and many other dangerous chemicals can reside in sewage.

The need for professional sewage cleanup in the Dania Beach area is absolutely urgent and critical. Your life and the lives of your family, friends, co-workers, customers, and associates may be at high risk of death, disease, and severe injury. Certified Priority Restoration technicians can help!

Physical Damage to Property and Equipment in Cases of Sewage Exposure

It is imperative that you act now as the need is urgent for quick action to prevent what is probably already extensive damage to your property and equipment from getting worse. Sewage can be highly corrosive to numerous materials including metals, plastics, wood, particle board, insulation and many others. The spread of highly toxic mold that often occurs with sewage exposure can result in property being condemned or suffering tens of thousands of dollars in additional damage and of note, mold damage becomes more probable with time.

Quick Action is Urgent

By calling us, immediately; Certified Priority Restoration can prevent these outcomes. Our professionally certified, bonded, and insured technicians can protect you and your property, call now at (954) 874-8016. Our personnel have highly specialized training and over 35 years of experience and in addition to sewage cleanup are well qualified to engage in water extraction, mold removal, water cleanup, water damage repair, and complete water damage restoration!