Water Damage in Coral Springs can result from any number of unwanted occurrences and can stem from acts of Mother Nature or from malfunctioning internal building fixtures.  A common characteristic of most water damage is that it occurs with either minimal or no warning and it requires swift action to minimize the damage and mitigate long term negative effects.  A small amount of water damage can usually be handled by a home or business owner, but anything more will require the water cleanup services of a professional.  This blog will discuss some of the more common causes of water damage in Coral Springs and the potential dangers that they may present.

Burst Pipes

Much of Coral Springs was built in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  As these buildings age so do their internal plumbing and piping systems.  A pipe burst is one of the most common causes of water damage inside of homes and business properties.  If you discover a burst or leaking pipe be sure to immediately shut the main water valve that allows water to enter the building. If a clean water pipe bursts the severity of the water damage in Coral Springs will be less than if a sewage pipe were to burst.  However; depending on the magnitude of the burst and the amount of time that water was leaking before being discovered, both situations will require water removal, drying and sanitization treatment to eliminate the possibility of mildew and mold from forming.  If the leak requires sewage cleanup then the sanitization procedures will be significantly more involved than with just a clean water leak.

Water Damage in Coral Springs caused by Hurricanes, Storms and Floods

Water damage caused by acts of Mother Nature can be among the most severe and difficult to resolve.  When an event such as a hurricane or flood hits your area, your entire neighborhood is most likely dealing with the same situation that you are.  There is often an atmosphere of chaos and staying calm is extremely important.  If your home or business is flooded it is critical that you contact a professional water removal company as soon as possible.  They will bring commercial grade pumps that will quickly remove the water from your building.  They will also have high temperature fans that are designed to dry out the premises and your personal items.   They will work with you to salvage as much as they possibly can, but in a flooding situation some of your furniture and other possessions may be damaged beyond the point of repair.

Most Importantly, Act Fast

The most important thing to remember when dealing with water damage in Coral Springs is that time is not on your side.  You must act quickly to remove the water and completely dry the entire premises to avoid mold and mildew.  A professional water damage treatment company will be able to treat the entire area with mold and mildew preventative solutions, but they must be proactively applied.  Once mold begins to form the remediation process is different and much more involved than the prevention process.  If you would like additional information or advice on how to deal with water damage in Coral Springs, you are invited to contact a professional water damage technician at Certified Priority Restoration.  They can be reached at (954) 874-8016 or online at www.certifiedpriorityrestoration.com .

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