Mold Removal Weston

Mold Removal in Weston Requires a Professional

Mold can be an enemy to all home and building owners in South Florida. Mold thrives in damp areas. You may see some in your bathroom or on a wall below your kitchen sink. Scrubbing it away with bleach can just be a cosmetic fix. Mold is a living life form that grows like fungus. If your home or building has recently been flooded with large volumes of water and you see mold forming there are health and safety issues involved. You need professional help. Call Certified Priority Restoration now at 954-874-8016, and we will send a certified mold removal Weston technician to you within an hour.

Mold has Health Consequences

In small quantities, mold is usually not cause for worry. When the signs of mold are present in multiple areas, it can, however, be a health hazard and harmful contaminant. Mold can aggravate or cause asthma. It irritates the respiratory system and will cause coughing and sneezing. Commonly found on walls and ceiling tiles, black mold is particularly toxic.

Certified Priority Restoration has the Experience

Expert mold removal requires that carpet be lifted and the premises where mold exists be thoroughly sanitized. Certified Priority Restoration has 35 years of experience with mold removal in Weston. The presence of mold also calls for a close investigation into the structure of the school, home or commercial site where it’s collecting. Mold and the dampness that causes mold can also rot wood. It can make the premises where it’s growing unsafe.

Certified Priority Restoration is experienced and skilled at removing mold from personal and commercial spaces. We make it our business to remove mold and stop it from spreading. Our specialists use the latest drying equipment to stop the dampness that causes mold to grow. Thermal imaging shows us where the moisture is that might be out of sight to the naked eye.

If you have a pipe that’s been leaking for an extended period and damp areas such as under a sink that you haven’t paid close attention to, you may have a mold problem that’s becoming worse. Certified Priority Restoration does free consultations. We’ll come out and let you know how to prevent mold from destroying your property and making it unhealthy.

We’ll come out and let you know how to prevent mold from destroying your property and making it unhealthy. A real mold removal job takes time and must be executed precisely. Don’t attempt to save money by doing it yourself because you will probably spend more in the long run. Call Certified Priority Restoration when you need mold removal in Weston. Call 954-874-8016 now to have a technician at your property in under an hour.