Mold Removal Palm Beach

Years of Experience with Mold Removal in Palm Beach

Mold can be a big problem if left untreated. It spreads quickly and can easily take over a home or business. You can count on Certified Priority Restoration to take care of your mold problem quickly. We understand how dangerous mold can be to your health, and we have the professional equipment to take care of this problem for you fast. If you need to get rid of mold, a professional company is the only way to go. We will do the job right the first time and make sure that all of the mold is completely removed from your home or office before we are done. Give us a call at 561-847-3495 today so that we can begin the mold removal process for

We Guarantee Our Work

The mold removal process is best done by a knowledgeable and experienced company. We have a specific process that we use to make sure that mold removal is done right. We start off by identifying what type of mold you are dealing with. We take samples and have a lab to verify our findings. Once we know what type of mold is in your home or business, we can come up with a plan to get rid of it as quickly as possible. We will stop the spread of it by sealing off the contaminated area. We have state-of-the-art equipment that can get rid of mold permanently. We will always disinfect any areas that were contaminated to make sure that your home or office is clean when you come back to it.

Certified Technicians

We can take care of mold removal in Palm Beach. We have a team of professionals that care about your needs. Our technicians are certified, bonded, and insured. If you discover that you have a mold problem, give us a call at any time of the night or day. We will be at your location within 30 minutes of talking to you. We want to take care of your mold problem fast so that you can go back to a health home.

Mold Removal and More

We offer more than just mold removal services. You can count on Certified Priority Restoration to take care of all of your water damage repair needs. If your home is flooded with water, we are the company to call. We offer water extraction services, water damage restoration services, and much more along with our professional mold removal services. Give us a call at 561-847-3495. A technician is ready to come to your house right away. Along with fast and efficient services, we also offer direct billing to your insurance company. Our goal is to make this process as stress free and easy as possible for you.