Mold Removal North Lauderdale

Thirty-Five Years of Mold Removal

Whether you own a commercial business or a residence that has been damaged by water, you will want to call the experts at Certified Priority Restoration to come and evaluate your situation. Our certified technicians are bonded and insured to work with specialized equipment for sewage cleanup, mold removal and water extraction. Homeowners and businesses should call (954) 874-8016, with all their water damage problems. Water damage from a fire, broken pipes or flooding can become extremely dangerous if left untreated. Mold grows very quickly and it takes the experts to know how to handle the water seeping into corners, cracks in the floors and ceiling tiles. After a disaster occurs, we can reach your home or business within 30 minutes and start the water damage restoration.

Health Hazards Due to Mold

Homes and businesses that allow water damage to remain on the property are inviting mold and serious health problems into the building. Mold can cause severe allergy attacks, breathing problems, and rashes to humans. Mold removal needs to be handled with extreme caution, the proper equipment and techniques. Mold can spread quickly into cracks and create living and working conditions that are unhealthy. The professionals at Certified Priority Restoration have done mold removal in North Lauderdale for many years, using high-powered vacuums and fans. The experts wear the proper gear, cloves and breathing systems in order to remove the mold.

Mold Remediation Procedures

Our experts will take samples of the mold growing to a laboratory for analysis. The laboratory will verify the different kinds of mold that are forming within your building or home. All areas that are contaminated by mold will be sealed off so the mold cannot spread to other parts of the home or building. All surfaces that have been affected by mold will be cleaned with special chemicals that will kill the entire mold problem. If the ceiling needs to be taken down, the experts know how to remove just the area affected and not destroy any non-affected areas. The complete removal of all affected areas is extremely important. Mold can grow back if an area is left untreated and create more damage.

Water Removal from Flood Damage before Mold Starts

Mold lives and thrives in dark damp places. Water damage restoration and mold clean up are done at the same time. Once the water restoration has started, the technicians will evaluate all the damp areas for mold. Burst pipes, heavy rains or a pipe that is leaking can cause a wet and damp environment. Foul smells, musty odors, or black spots on the walls, floors or carpet may be a sign of mold growing. Certified Priority Restoration should be called at (954) 874-8016 immediately to check for mold damage. The quicker water removal can be done in the affected areas, the quicker mold can be detected and treated. Letting water stand on floors, walls or soaked into a ceiling for any length of time will create health issues by allowing mold to form.